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Report: ‘Black Hebrew Israelite’ Cult Connection to Jersey City Attack

Posted on | December 11, 2019 | Comments Off on Report: ‘Black Hebrew Israelite’ Cult Connection to Jersey City Attack


Early this morning I reported (“Jersey City Shooting ‘Targeted’ Jews, ‘Being Investigated as a Hate Crime’”) about suggestions of anti-Semitic motives in Tuesday’s shootout, and now we discover evidence that clearly indicates this was an act of terrorism:

David Anderson was named as one of the two active shooters who kept police at bay for hours in a dramatic and dangerous Jersey City standoff, murdering veteran detective Joseph Seals in a cemetery, and three civilians inside a kosher bodega. The mayor now says the Jewish grocery was targeted. The other suspect has been named as Francine Graham. Anderson, 47, and Graham, 50, were first named in a report from NBC New York.
According to NBC News, Anderson had made anti-Semitic and anti-police statements on social media prior to the shooting. Details of those posts were not immediately available. Jersey City officials have said the motive is under investigation, but according to NBC, investigators believe the views shared by Anderson were behind the attack. According to The New York Times, police found guns, ammunition and a live pipe bomb in a stolen U-Haul truck Anderson and Graham were driving at the time of the shootings. Investigators also found a “brief and rambling” manifesto-style note in the van, but it did not include a clear motive. . . .
NBC New York reported, through sources, that surveillance video shows the two suspects “shoot a Hasidic man on the street and then run into the store, where they began firing at the victims inside.” The suspects “had…bomb-making materials inside the truck,” the station reported.
The Jewish media named two of the victims as Leah Ferencz, 33, who co-owned the grocery with her husband, and Moshe Deutsch, 24, her cousin. They were both members of the local Orthodox community. The third victim has been identified by as Miguel Jason Rodriguez, an immigrant from Ecuador who had been working at the Jewish grocery store for the past three years. . . .
NBC New York reports that the 47-year-old David Anderson was once associated with the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. The station says that an online presence associated with Anderson contained anti-semitic and anti-police sentiments. A note with religious writings was found inside of the U-Haul. The New York Times said that a law enforcement source referred to those writings as “rambling.”
The Times also confirmed with an official that Anderson had ties to the Black Hebrew Isrealite movement, writing, “The extent of Mr. Anderson’s involvement in that group remains unclear, the official said. The Black Hebrew Israelites have no connection with mainstream Judaism.” . . .
The headquarters were raided by the FBI and IRS agents in November 2016. Jermaine Grant, the group’s leader, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to defraud the United States in April 2019, reports the New York Daily News.
The Black Hebrew Israelites gained national attention in January 2019 when members of the group who were protesting in Washington D.C. confronted students from Covington Catholic High School. . . .
A former neighbor of 47-year-old Francine Graham’s told NBC New York that after she met Anderson, the shooting suspect became a “dark person.” The neighbor said Graham had been a home health aide in Manhattan but quit after becoming injured in work.
The neighbor went on to say that Graham had become involved in a religion that he could not identify. That religion involved chanting and reading from the New Testament. The neighbor said Graham moved out after she stopped paying her rent.
Public records show Anderson had a criminal record, with arrests in New Jersey in 2004, 2007 and 2011, all on weapons charges, NBC New York reports. He spent some time in jail. Anderson was also arrested in Ohio in 2009 on a criminal mischief charge. . . .
NBC New York reported that, according to law enforcement sources, it’s believed that “Seals saw a U-Haul truck possibly linked to a murder from over the weekend in Bayonne. As he approached the truck, one of the suspects got out of the car and shot him.”
The television station added: “It was not immediately known why or how the U-Haul truck that Det. Seals approached was linked to the death of livery driver Michael Rumberger.”

We can expect to learn more — including the details of that “rambling” manifesto and whether Rumberger’s death was indeed connected to this incident — in the next few days. For now, we have clear evidence that these killers were motivated by hatred of Jews.

UPDATE: Ben Shapiro nails it here:

In other words, the liberal media have made anti-Semitism a partisan weapon used to attack Republicans. If a white person, in any way aligned with the “right,” engages in anti-Semitic activities, you can expect 24/7 coverage on CNN, and lots of lectures about the “conversation” America needs to be having about a “climate of hate” for which (it is at least implied, if not directly stated) Republicans are somehow to blame. However, when anyone aligned with the Left (and/or with radical Islam) engages in anti-Semitic activities, this is ignored, dismissed or explained away. For example, the fact that there has been a series of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City perpetrated by black “youths” is swept under the rug by the media, as is the escalating anti-Semitic climate on university campuses incited by the left-wing BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) movement against Israel. Filtered through the rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome that now prevails in the media, this attack on the Jewish community by black cult kooks simply does not fit the narrative, and therefore will be brushed aside and forgotten.



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