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University of Tennessee Football Program Has Finally Reached Rock Bottom

Posted on | December 14, 2019 | 1 Comment


Morgan Hood is a worthless backstabbing whore who, perhaps not coincidentally, attends the University of Tennessee. While it would probably be unfair, even by the trash-talking standards of SEC football rivalry, for me to say that all Tennessee girls are worthless backstabbing whores, I think every Alabama fan will agree that Ms. Hood is typical of the caliber of coeds at Knoxville. It’s like the old joke:

Q. Why didn’t the University of Tennessee have a Christmas play?
A. They couldn’t find three wise men and virgin.

If you’re not from the South, you perhaps don’t understand how college football is imbued with moral values down home. When your team wins, you  feel personally vindicated by this proof of your collective superiority, whereas when you lose . ,. . Well, go ask Tennessee fans how that feels.

When was the last time Tennessee beat a ranked team? I don’t know, but this year the Vols lost their home opener to Georgia State, a Sun Belt conference team, which is pretty humiliating for any SEC school. In the past three seasons, Tennessee has lost three times to Georgia, by a cumulative total of 122-26. Florida has won 14 of its last 15 games against Tennessee and as for Alabama, well, this year’s freshmen at UT were only 4 years old the last time the Crimson Tide lost to the Volunteers.

Yet the shameful state of Tennessee’s football program had not reached its absolute nadir until this week, thanks to a worthless whore:


Hundreds of thousands of social media users have watched University of Tennessee quarterback Brian Maurer’s ex-girlfriend celebrate dumping him on TikTok.
Morgan Hood, a sophomore at the school, recently took to the social media platform to share a humorous but scathing video about the end of the couple’s relationship, in which she indicates that she’s much better off without him.
The TikTok quickly went viral — but has led to the young Nashville native being brutally trolled on Twitter. . . .;

Wait a minute — you post an online video humiliating your ex-boyfriend, and then you’re surprised at “being brutally trolled”? But Morgan Hood is phenomenally stupid, even by Tennessee standards:

Morgan participated in a hot TikTok trend in which newly single women lip-sync to a portion of the song ‘All You Wanna Do’ from the West End musical Six.
In Morgan’s video, a montage of photos of her with 18-year-old Brian appear on the screen before she pops up in the foreground.
There’s a snap of them at a football game, a FaceTime call, and pictures of Brian in uniform — including one falling on his face during a game against Mississippi State on October 12.
‘Yeah, that didn’t work out,’ she lip-syncs. ‘So I decided to have a break from boys. And you’ll never guess who I met.’
While other TikTok users often uses the point to introduce new romances, Morgan takes the opportunity to list on screen all of the ways her life is better now that she’s single.
These include ‘better grades,’ ‘hydrated [because] less crying,’ ‘no more girls in my dms telling me he’s cheating, ‘my real friends,’ ‘sleep,’ and ‘less people asking how he is ???’
She then answers the question of ‘who she met’: Me, Myself, and I.
Brian, who Morgan dated for at least a year, responded with a dismissive reply: ‘Girls do anything for they 15 seconds of fame.’
But other commenters have been even harsher in condemning Morgan. . . .
Morgan has since deleted the video on TikTok and responded with a message on Instagram.
‘I did not intend for any of this to happen,’ she said. . . .
‘I simply made a TikTok that hundreds of other girls have made. I didn’t make it as a crazy ex seeking revenge, and anyone that has ever seen a TikTok should know this.
‘All of it has been blown extremely out of proportion. . . .
‘Trust me when I tell you that having people troll you and say mean things is not fun. It is hard to realize there is another human being on the receiving end of your words.’

Oh, the worthless whore who deliberately humiliated her ex-boyfriend — who just happens to be the quarterback of her university’s football team — wants to remind everyone she’s a “human being.”

This is why no decent football player wants to go to Tennessee. All the girls there are worthless backstabbing whores like Morgan Hood. And as for those “girls in my dms telling me he’s cheating” — who are these girls, Morgan? Please post their names to your social media, so that everybody on the campus in Knoxville knows who they are. Social media makes it easy to spread this kind of gossip, and the people who are targeted by such character assassins usually have no idea who is doing it to them. Whether or not Brian Maurer was cheating, to publicize this kind of gossip is as bad or worse than doing a victory dance at the expense of your ex-boyfriend. What you have done by your beastly behavior, Ms. Hood, is to prove that you are not a human being. You’re a wicked monster, and no decent person would ever associate with you.

The only joy I take in this is the knowledge that (a) this embarrassment has so humiliated and demoralized Brian Maurer that his football career is effectively over, and (b) seeing what trashy whores attend the University of Tennessee will likely encourage more of the state’s top athletes to attend the University of Alabama instead. Roll Tide!



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