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‘We Should Have Just Let Him Die’

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According to police in Pittsburgh, after Terrelle Pryor was stabbed by his girlfriend Shalaya Briston on Nov. 30, one of her friends said Briston was acting in self-defense, and added, “We should have just let him die.”

A 6-foot-4, 230-pound wide receiver, Pryor played quarterback in college, twice leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to Big Ten titles before joining the NFL in 2011, when he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Pryor subsequently played for the Cleveland Browns, the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets before becoming a free agent after he was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars in September. According to TMZ:

Pryor and Briston have been dating for about a year — and a witness told police their relationship has been “volatile at times” and that Pryor is “always putting his hands on Ms. Briston.”

Does a “volatile” relationship justify attempted murder?

The girlfriend of former New York Jets wide receiver Terrelle Pryor has been ordered held without bail after allegedly stabbing him in their Pittsburgh apartment, according to reports.
Shalaya Briston, Pryor’s 24-year-old girlfriend of roughly one year, was ordered held by a judge on attempted homicide and aggravated assault charges after Pryor was stabbed in the chest [Nov. 30], the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.
Briston’s attorney, Lee Rothman, had argued that she was entitled to post bail because of her lack of a criminal record, ties to the community and current employment. . . .
Briston’s attorney cited an affidavit in which a witness to the early morning dispute said she was “acting in self-defense,” the newspaper reports.
“When a man puts his hands on a woman, and she is in fear, she has a right to defend herself,” Rothman said. “We are entitled to bond. This is not a person who is a danger to the community.”
Deputy District Attorney Steve Stadtmiller, meanwhile, countered that the stabbing was “very close” to being a homicide.
“He almost bled to death,” Stadtmiller said. “They were able to bring him back.”
Pryor’s attorney, Stephen Colafella, said his client lost three and a half liters of blood after the stabbing. He remained hospitalized [Dec. 4] for stab wounds after being arraigned on a charge of simple assault, the Post-Gazette reports.
Colafella disputed Briston’s characterization that Pryor was the aggressor during the dispute. Police have said Briston and Pryor were “mutual combatants” during the incident.
“This young lady was not acting out of self-defense or any fear of injury,” Colafella told reporters during a news conference late Wednesday. “This was a situation that occurred as a result of the violent behavior and the attitudes of the women who came to his home Saturday morning.”
Witnesses told police that Pryor was stabbed at the couple’s apartment after an argument late Friday. Pryor went home, while Briston went out with two female friends to a club.
When the three women returned, Pryor grabbed Briston
and starting arguing with her. The unidentified women were trying to break up the fight when Briston stabbed Pryor, police said.

Simple question: Who was paying the rent at that apartment?

See, they were living together and, after they argued, Briston went out clubbing with her girlfriends while Pryor went home. Then Briston comes home and brings her girlfriends with her, and so I have to ask: Who was paying the rent? Was it her apartment, or his? Because if Pryor was paying the rent — in a complex where apartments range from $1,405 to $2,660 a month — and then his girlfriend comes strolling in past midnight with a couple of her trashy let’s-go-clubbing girlfriends, I can understand him being angry about that situation. My advice to young women, especially if you happen to be dating a 6-foot-4, 230-pound professional athlete, is that you should try to avoid unnecessarily provoking your boyfriend to anger. If you have a “volatile” relationship, and your boyfriend wants you to stay home Friday night, what do you think is going to happen if you go out clubbing with your girlfriends and then invite them all back to the apartment afterwards?

Far be it from me to defend or justify violence against women, but sometimes violence is predictable, and that which is predictable is also usually avoidable. Like, honey, maybe you should have gone and stayed at your Mama’s house that night and let Terrelle cool his temper. Because it seems like to me, just based on the simple account of what happened here, that you were looking for trouble that night. You brought your two trashy girlfriends with you so it would be 3-on-1 for the showdown with Terrell you had planned, and when that plan went sideways, you grabbed a knife. That’s what we call a felony, ma’am.

Former NFL player Terrelle Pryor is being held in jail after appearing in a Pittsburgh court earlier this week.
It was the first time he’s been seen in public since he was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend last month.
On Thursday, the Allegheny County district attorney postponed the court hearings for Pryor and Shalaya Briston, Pryor’s girlfriend.
The DA’s office said they need at least another week to gather information on the case. . . .
Briston remains behind bars after her bail was denied last week.

You’re both spending the week in jail. Oh, and a new development:

TMZ Sports has obtained a court document filed by Heinz Lofts in Pittsburgh — noting Pryor and Shalaya Briston “violated rules and regulations” of their rent agreement.
The document doesn’t say exactly what Pryor and Briston did wrong but it seems pretty obvious since they haven’t been back to the apartment since the Nov. 30 incident. … you know, when Pryor as stabbed. . . .
In the court filing, Heinz Lofts is also demanding more than $2,200 in unpaid rent and attorney’s fees.
In other words, the document reads as “Pay us and get out.”
Of course, Pryor can fight the attempted eviction — but he might just want to move on with his life.
He’s reportedly made more than $14 mil in his NFL career … so he can probably find another pad pretty easily.

Fourteen million dollars he’s made since joining the NFL in 2011, but his girlfriend thinks she’s going to show him up by going out clubbing and then bringing her trashy girlfriends back to his place? Reckon this “volatile” relationship is over. Attempted murder isn’t very romantic.



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