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Impeachment Circus Update

Posted on | December 17, 2019 | Comments Off on Impeachment Circus Update


How is it “news” that Democrats are impeaching President Trump, when this outcome was determined in advance? Recall that California Rep. Maxine Waters has been leading chants of “Impeach 45!” since 2017. As soon as Democrats won a majority in Congress, impeachment was foreordained. This is what Democrats voted for, and Nancy Pelosi had no choice but to deliver it; anyone who opposes impeachment is racist.


Consider this: When the House Democrats announced their articles of impeachment last week, the members making the announcement included three representatives from California (Pelosi, Waters and Adam Schiff), three from New York (Eliot Engel, Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney) and one from Massachusetts, Richard Neal. The Democratic Party leadership, in other words, represents the coastal fringe of the country, and they are attempting to undo the results of a presidential election in which Republicans won the country’s heartland.

Everything else about this story is mere details, and it seems that the American people are as bored with the details as I am:

Support for impeaching Trump and removing him from office stands at 45% in the new poll, down from 50% in a poll conducted in mid-November just after the conclusion of the House Intelligence Committee’s public hearings. Opposition to impeachment and removal stands at 47% in the new poll, up from 43% in November. Support for impeachment and removal among Democrats has dipped from 90% in November to 77% now.

You see that (quite predictably) the actual process of impeachment has proven less popular than simply shouting the slogan, “Impeach 45!”

The media, acting as propagandists and publicity agents of the Democratic Party, are attempting to rescue their pet project from failure. The media represent the same New York/California/Massachusetts interests, but seek to conceal this by manufacturing a semblance of bipartisan “mainstream” support for the impeachment circus.

McSally ‘hasn’t been convinced’
Trump should be impeached

What is this story about? The Associated Press is acting as partisan organization to pressure a Republican Senator on impeachment:

Republican Sen. Martha McSally has not been convinced that President Donald Trump should be removed from office, her campaign manager said Monday after a recording surfaced of her suggesting to GOP activists that the president hadn’t abused his power.
“Senator McSally takes her role as a juror seriously but hasn’t heard anything so far that would lead her to believe impeachment of the president is warranted, let alone removing him from office,” campaign manager Dylan Lefler said in a statement to The Associated Press.
Lefler released the statement after the AP obtained a recording of the Arizona senator telling GOP activists over the weekend that she doesn’t believe Trump abused his power, ending months of silence from McSally about whether she was troubled by the president’s actions.
McSally, who’s one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the U.S. Senate, has repeatedly avoided saying whether she thinks it was wrong for Trump to ask Ukraine’s government to investigate his political rival.
But she was much more candid when speaking to a supportive audience in Tucson on Saturday, saying only the Democrats have abused their power.
She said Republicans want to “make sure that we continue to highlight the abuse of power” that Democrats have committed, “which is the only abuse of power that we’ve seen going on here,” apparently referring to the impeachment inquiry.

What does it mean to say McSally is “vulnerable”?

She was appointed to the late John McCain’s seat after she lost the 2018 election for Arizona’s other Senate seat to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. With an abundance of suburbs, where Trump has lost support among women, Arizona is becoming increasingly competitive for Democrats.

In other words, McSally is up for re-election next November, and the AP’s “journalists” are trying to help Democrats defeat her. You see that this media pressure campaign takes the form of demanding that McSally address the details of the phony “UkraineGate” scandal. Democrats have been unable to locate any actual “high crimes or misdemeanors” in President Trump’s actions — the Constitution grants the president nearly unlimited authority to conduct diplomacy, an area of activity that certainly includes his July phone call with Ukraine’s president — so instead they will endlessly rehearse their “abuse of power” claims.

According to the Democrat/media narrative, the only reason Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate corruption (e.g., Hunter Biden’s lucrative appointment to the board of Burisma) was in order to “steal” the 2020 election by damaging his rival, Joe Biden. While it is far from certain (and was doubtful at the time of the July phone call) that Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2020, how could it be wrong — let alone “high crimes and misdemeanors” — to wish to obtain the facts? What Democrats seem to be arguing is that any effort to learn the truth about Hunter Biden and Burisma (or about Alexandra Chalupa’s Ukrainian influence operation in the 2016 campaign) is an impeachable offense.

There are questions we aren’t allowed to ask, and answers we aren’t allowed to know — this is the essence of the Democrats’ case against Trump. Everything else is mere details, and as the reality of this impeachment circus becomes apparent to anyone with the intelligence necessary to discern what’s really happening, only the most delirious victims of Trump Derangment Syndrome can take it seriously.



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