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‘Cosmic Justice’ in New York City

Posted on | December 31, 2019 | 2 Comments


Steven Haynes is a street thug who punched a cop last week:

The man who was arrested for sucker-punching an NYPD cop in Brooklyn was back at his old stomping ground Sunday — just two days after being released without bail despite a slew of charges.
Steven Haynes, 40, returned to Livingston and Court streets in Downtown Brooklyn — where police say he slugged and brawled with one of New York’s Finest on Thursday — after being cut loose, irritating local merchants who say he’s been a troublesome presence on the block for months.
“No bail. Three hours, he was back in the same spot,” Michael Vitiello, general manager of an Italian restaurant two doors down, told The Post. “They had a cop sitting there, just watching him. He got his own security ‘cuz he’s a celebrity now.”
“They could have locked him up in Bellevue last night, but they didn’t do it,” he continued. “Now he’s back in the street causing problems.” . . .
His scuffle with the cop Thursday, which was caught on video, came after police got complaints he was sitting on the sidewalk drinking and blocking pedestrians.
He allegedly punched the officer and wrestled him to the ground, sending a nearby trashcan flying into the street.
The cop’s partner and other officers eventually subdued Haynes and took him into custody.
Haynes, who has at least 24 prior arrests, was charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and an alcohol violation.
He was cut loose on supervised release Friday, records show.
City judges have begun to release many defendants who are charged with lower-level crimes — in anticipation of a state bail reform measure due to take effect Jan. 1.

If assaulting a police officer is classified among “lower-level crimes,” one wonders what an upper-level crime might be. New York’s “bail reform” legislation is part of a left-wing initiative nationwide based on the belief — widespread among “social justice” activists, and popularized by the #BlackLivesMatters movement — that the criminal justice system is inherently racist. Academia’s embrace of “critical race theory” has helped promote the idea that any statistical disparity between social groups is evidence of “structural inequality”; thus, the fact that black people constitute a disproportionately large share of the prison population is blamed on “white supremacy.” This gives rise to the kind of “reform” agenda that results in criminals — even repeat offenders like Steven Haynes — being turned loose to wreak havoc against innocent people.

This is what Thomas Sowell described as The Quest for Cosmic Justice, where a fanatical commitment to equality justifies policies that often harm the “oppressed” people liberals say they want to help. After all, what could do more to promote racist stereotypes of black people as dangerous and violent than to adopt a policy that puts more violent black criminals on the streets?

A Brooklyn miscreant accused of slapping three Orthodox Jewish women last week struck again on Sunday and was busted for assaulting another woman, police said.
A day after she was released without bail on charges stemming from the Friday attack, Tiffany Harris was charged with assault for slugging a 35-year-old in the face on Eastern Parkway near Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights at about 9:15 a.m., according to police.
It’s unclear if Sunday’s victim is Jewish — and police weren’t treating the incident as a hate crime. The victim suffered swelling and bruising to her right eye from the pummeling, police said.
On Friday, Harris allegedly assaulted three Orthodox women on Eastern Parkway near Kingston Avenue — one of at least eight anti-Semitic incidents in the city last week.
“Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews,’” Harris admitted to cops after that attack, according to a criminal complaint.

It’s almost as if liberals are trying to incite a race war in America. Maybe soon they’ll start issuing free machetes to Jew-haters in New York.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)



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