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The Babylon Bee Is The Future Of Comedy, Not Dave Chappelle

Posted on | January 9, 2020 | Comments Off on The Babylon Bee Is The Future Of Comedy, Not Dave Chappelle

by Smitty

Stipulate that humans have dimensions of body, mind, and soul.

Nobody dissents on the first; most concur on the first two; all non-fools accept the trifecta.

Sandra Fluke explains
That humor, struck down, becomes
Far more powerful

If life can be said to have an “operating system”, then humor is the test cases that pretty much everybody writes. Except feminists.
It’s just that comedians have figured out how to get paid for humor. A career in humor, I’d venture, is ridiculously hard to pull off.

Thus, I’d fall well well short of disagreeing with a new holiday: “Dave Chappelle Crushes It on the First Amendment and Ends With a Big Announcement on ‘Dave Chappelle Day.’ Is This Comedy’s Great Hope?

But the thing with Chappelle and most secular humor is that his material is 80% body, 20% mind, and that’s it. It’s one thing for our comedy test cases to probe reality and crash it all over the place.

But the third dimension, the soul, is where the Bee shines. A little hint of spiritual joy, and not just carnal pleasure and mental cleverness, gets at the real power of humor to renew the soul. To say “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof” and shake that noise right off.

Chappelle and Gervais can match the secular world crude-for-crude, but they are ultimately of that world. As we continue to make America Great Again, the sustained laughter and true, enduring improvement shall have come from the Bee not just putting pin to gasbags in high places, but also having shown taste in the poking.

The trick is to mock the behavior, while leaving the subject intact. Hopefully, the butt of the joke decides to slim down, and not be such a honking big target of derision in the future.


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