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Florida: The Pervert State

Posted on | January 15, 2020 | Comments Off on Florida: The Pervert State


In 2015, a Florida prosecutor told the Miami Herald: “We encourage the criminals to post their photos and videos online. After all these years, they’re still kind enough to do it.” One of the cases to which the prosecutor was referring:

The yearning to show off, prosecutors say, snagged Bryan Yanes and two other West Kendall teenagers. They’re accused of plying girls — ages 12, 13 and 14 — with drugs and booze at a pool party before having group sex.
Miami-Dade detectives learned that Yanes, 18, had posted salacious photos of the tryst to the Instagram account known as “loverboybryan.” Though Yanes’ Instagram account was set to “private,” detectives got the photos anyway, with a search warrant sent to the company’s California office.
The three are awaiting trial for lewd and lascivious battery on children.

One of @loverboybryan’s criminal colleagues was Bianca Byndloss, who was 19 when she was arrested and I blogged about her case in 2014:

Byndloss had used the Twitter account @bibiMiami (now deleted) to promote herself as an “up-and-cumming [sic] porn diva” online. The Miami Herald reports her background:

Byndloss has two previous brushes with the law. In 2013, police arrested her on charges of burglary and petty theft, a case that was quickly dropped. In January, she was charged with misdemeanor battery, a case that was also dropped.

So as soon as she turned 18, Byndloss started racking up an arrest record and, although both those previous charges were dropped, now we find her charged with serious felonies — three counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a minor and promoting sexual performance of a child — in a case where the police say they have overwhelming evidence against her.

One might suppose, given the serious nature of these crimes and the extensive evidence which the criminals themselves posted to social media, that Ms. Byndloss would be spending many years behind bars. Alas, this is Florida, where diddling a 12-year-old is no big deal:

In a plea deal, a 21-year-old porn actress [in December 2016 was] sentenced to 10 years probation for her role in a drug- and alcohol-fueled sex party with three girls, the oldest of whom was 14 at the time.
According to court records, Bianca Byndloss this month copped to her involvement in the May 2014 incident at the Miami home of a male acquaintance. . . .
Byndloss was fined $754 and placed on probation until 2026. Two male codefendants, both of whom were 18 at the time of the sex party, struck similar plea deals earlier this year and were each sentenced to 10 years probation. A fourth defendant, a 21-year-old woman, was sentenced to five years probation.
According to cops, Byndloss and her codefendants “engaged in sexual acts” with the victims, who were 14, 13, and 12 at the time. Byndloss, investigators alleged, transported the minors to the home where they later drank vodka and gin, took Xanax, and had sex.
“Everyone pretty much had sex with everyone,” the 13-year-old victim told police. The 12-year-old victim told cops, “Everyone was taking pictures and recording the sex acts with their cell phones.” One video recovered by police showed the 12-year-old victim “digitally penetrating” Byndloss’s vagina. A photo uploaded to a defendant’s Instagram page showed a naked Byndloss (identified in a police report as “Subject #2”) posing with the 14-year-old victim, who wore only a bikini top.
During a police interview, one of the victims said that the group had also partied at a Miami Beach hotel, and that Byndloss and a male codefendant had sex in a bathroom with the 12-year-old victim.

Not one of these perps was sentenced to prison! Can you imagine if it were your 12-year-daughter — a sixth-grader! — involved in this? This gang of criminal perverts not only had an orgy with three middle-school girls, but they were posting photos and videos online and . . . probation

My God, who do they think they are, Jeffrey Epstein?



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