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Another Crisis for the Wombat?

Posted on | January 21, 2020 | Comments Off on Another Crisis for the Wombat?

As our loyal colleague Wombat explained earlier, he’s run into a financial crisis caused by his health problems, and we must raise $500 for him by noon Wednesday to prevent the repossession of his automobile.

We can do this, folks: I just hit his tip jar for $15 myself, and if 33 readers will do the same, that’s a total of $510. Think crowdfunding — even if you can only give $5, please do so, and I’m certain that Wombat will be more responsible about his thank-you emails than I have been (he says, plagued by a guilty conscience). Getting the Wombat back on his feet (and keeping him on his wheels) is a worthy endeavor, a patriotic duty as it were, so if all our readers will chip in what they can, certainly we can stave off the arrival of that tow truck. Because I will make a slight alteration to the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:


UPDATE: Happy to report that, by your generosity, Wombat was able to make that car payment! Thanks to everyone who contributed!


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