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White Guilt at 28°F: $50,176 a Year

Posted on | January 26, 2020 | 1 Comment


Let’s begin with the obvious question: If you wanted to send your children to a not-very-prestigious private liberal arts college, why would you choose to send them to one in Moorhead, Minnesota? Concordia College doesn’t even make the top 100 list at U.S. News, and the annual cost of attendance is $50,176 including room and board. Supposing that you are an affluent parent with a kid too dumb to get into Duke or Dartmouth, but you still want to blow $200,000 on your child’s college education, why send them to a campus in Minnesota where the high temperature today will be 28°F? Aren’t there better bargains?


Consider, for example, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) where, even with out-of-state tuition, the annual cost is $31,280 including room and board, and your child could spend their leisure hours under the palm trees on the beach at Sanibel. Even in late January, the high temperatures in Fort Myers are about 70°F, and I can’t imagine that a degree from Concordia has so much more prestige than an FGCU diploma that you’d spend an extra $80,000 to send your kid to frosty Minnesota where they can be lectured about their “white privilege”:

For this past Monday’s Martin Luther King Day, Minnesota’s Concordia College offered a racially segregated seminar titled “How to Embrace Your Inner Racist: A Session for White People.”
One of many “concurrent sessions” offered throughout the day, Professor Ahmed Afzaal’s “Inner Racist” discussion noted that participants would be able to “recognize and acknowledge that there is a nasty little racist inside them, and to do so without becoming angry or defensive.”
In addition, attendees would then “describe the skills of psychological flexibility that they must develop in order to make authentic choices in defiance of their racist tendencies.”
While the workshop included a special note that it was for whites only, the school wouldn’t stop “people of color from attending.” Nevertheless, non-whites needed to be aware “that their presence in the room [was] likely to interfere with the effectiveness of the session.”
Afzaal is a professor of religion at Concordia.
According to the college’s “MLK Day 2020 Theme” page,

they [sic] year 2020 marks the 401st anniversary of slavery in the US. On this day, we ask that you reflect on the progress that has and has not been made in eliminating racial and economic injustices in the U.S. We ask that we be intentional in examining 1) the social systems of race and economics, 2) the role that whiteness plays in keeping us stuck in the space of “negative peace”, and 3) the role that white moderates/Dreamers play in being “obstacles to change.”

Keynote speakers for Monday’s celebration included Ijeoma Oluo, whose writings calling for white people to “find themselves” were part of a 2018 Humboldt State racial identity workshop. Also featured was Janaya Khan, a black, queer, gender-nonconforming activist [and] staunch Afrofuturist and social-justice educator.”
In addition, a “Tunnel of Oppression” was available on January 20 and 24 which “call[ed] attention to the unarmed black and brown lives lost to police violence.” It also “highlight[ed] information about each life lost, as a way to emphasize the impact of police violence.”

Really? Does your child need this? Does anyone need this? How much of a fool do you have to be to pay more than $50,000 a year so your kid can experience the “Tunnel of Oppression” and be taught to “recognize and acknowledge that there is a nasty little racist inside them”? And you’re subjecting them to this in Moorhead, Minnesota? Nah, man — send your kids to Florida and let ’em be nasty little racists under the palm trees.

Bonus: Florida Gulf Coast University is in Lee County.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)



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