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DNC Sold Out to Bloomberg ‘Because He’s Got a Billion F***ing Dollars!’

Posted on | February 2, 2020 | Comments Off on DNC Sold Out to Bloomberg ‘Because He’s Got a Billion F***ing Dollars!’


Michael Moore at a Bernie Sanders rally Friday in Iowa:

They are removing the rule to be on the debate stage, where it says you have to have so many people donating to you — otherwise instead of 27 people on the stage we’d have 270 people on the stage. You had to show you had a certain number of Americans that would give you a buck, that’s all the rule said, to show you have support. And that’s how they determine who would be on the debate stage.
Today they removed that rule because Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire, the Republican Mayor of New York City . . . They removed it so that he could be in the next debate. He doesn’t have to show he has any support among the American people, he can just buy his way onto the debate stage, and I’m going to tell you what’s so disgusting about this.
I watched the debate in Iowa here two weeks ago — the all-white debate — and the fact that . . . the DNC will not allow Cory Booker on that stage, will not allow Julian Castro on that stage, but they are going to allow Mike Bloomberg on the stage? Because he’s got a billion f***ing dollars!
I’m sorry. Those days are over. Those days are over.


The question of why the DNC suddenly decided to change its debate rules has a couple of answers: First, and most obviously, Bloomberg has given big money to the DNC and has promised to spend as much a billion dollars of his own money to beat Trump, no matter who gets the Democratic nomination. Allahpundit explains the second answer:

There’s a chance that Bernie wins easily in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Biden underperforming dismally. If that happens the media will be ruthless in attacking Biden as a chronic underachiever in presidential contests, the guy who just can’t get it done. The stink of campaign death will be on him even though he’ll limp on to Nevada and South Carolina. But establishment Dems will be panicking and looking for a longshot centrist option who might somehow be able to hold off Sanders. That’s Bloomberg, a guy who’s already bought his way into the top tier nationally and who seems willing to pay any price to promote himself. He may well be the only Democrat who can outspend the Sanders money machine, and he can do it by an order of magnitude. If Biden flames out early Bloomy may be the only game in town for centrist Democrats on Super Tuesday. Go figure that the DNC wants to start introducing him to the primary electorate as soon as possible at the debates.

In other words, Bloomberg is the fallback candidate for the “Anybody But Bernie” Democrats, who cheated Sanders out of the 2016 nomination, and are determined to cheat him again in 2020. As we discussed Saturday night on The Other Podcast, there is a parallel between the left-wing populism of Sanders and the right-wing populism of Trump. Both candidates ran against the party establishment — Bernie against the Clinton machine, Trump against the Bush/RINO/neoconservative crowd — and it’s possible that some “Bernie bros” hated Clinton so much they actually voted for Trump in November 2016.

Populism, rooted in a belief that the elite are decadent and depraved, is a powerful force in a society where political authority appears to be controlled by a corrupt cabal of insiders. As much as I abhor Sanders’ socialism, I am very sympathetic to his supporters in their resentment of the DNC establishment. Really, what are Democrat insiders so afraid of? Is it just because they think Sanders will lose? As if Biden would win? The idea that Creepy Uncle Joe would be a formidable opponent to Trump is a dubious proposition, and I think Democrats are more afraid that nominating Sanders would cost them the support of the fat-cat lobbyists who provide so much of the DNC’s revenues.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)



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