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Wait a Minute: Did Joe Biden Suggest Bernie Voters Are White Supremacists?

Posted on | February 18, 2020 | Comments Off on Wait a Minute: Did Joe Biden Suggest Bernie Voters Are White Supremacists?


The same day he claimed illegal aliens “are better Americans than most Americans are,” Biden decided to exceed his daily gaffe quota:

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” white supremacists were “very enthusiastic” about President Donald Trump.
While criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for not disowning his supporters’ attacks, Biden said, “I know you’re seeing what has been online, the vicious, vicious threats, the misogynistic things they’ve said referring to the women who are leaders of the Culinary Union, and they received death threats. I mean, this is way, way — this is Trump-like. Way over the line. And I think Bernie has to disavow this.”
Host Nicolle Wallace said, “Do you think Bernie Sanders is acting Trump-like in his refusal to disavow people that may be unsavory but that are very enthusiastic about him?”
Biden said, “By the way, the white supremacists are very enthusiastic about Trump.”

What does this imply? If leaders of the Culinary Union have received death threats, have the police investigated? Do we know that Sanders supporters are responsible, or is this just what Joe Biden is assuming? And what was that “white supremacists” remark meant to signal? Was it just a random jab at Trump, or did he mean it as a dog whistle aimed at the black voters in South Carolina he’s counting on for his “firewall”? Did Biden mean to imply that, because Bernie supporters behave in a “Trump-like” way, they are somehow soulmates of the white supremacists who are “very enthusiastic about Trump”?

Go back and look at Nicolle Wallace’s question, though: Is this why she abandoned the Republican Party and became an MSNBC host, because she finds grassroots GOP voters to be “unsavory” people?


Think back to how Wallace backstabbed Sarah Palin, and think also about how she and the other members of the Bush-era GOP apparatus never expressed any real support for the Tea Party movement. Some Republicans have never actually liked the kind of people who vote Republican — the “credulous boomer rube demo,” as Rick Wilson says — and we should be grateful that Trump has flushed them out in the open, so everyone can see these #NeverTrump types for what they are.



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