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CPAC Emergency Tip-Jar Rattle

Posted on | February 22, 2020 | Comments Off on CPAC Emergency Tip-Jar Rattle

So, I had been procrastinating about preparations for CPAC, an event that I’ve been covering every year since 2006. It starts Wednesday, and today I went online to see about booking a hotel room and HOLY FREAKING CRAP! The Residence Inn where I usually stay is sold out, and the hotels nearest the event are charging completely crazy prices — $400+ a night. I managed to find a hotel about two miles away for $225 a night, but with taxes that will total about $1,000 for four nights.

Maybe I can get The American Spectator to comp me part of that, but still my wife is going to hit the roof if I don’t come up with at least a few hundred bucks soon — and by “soon,” I mean, today.

Anyway, I know this is the second emergency tip-jar rattle of the month, but if the readers could chip in a little extra — $5$10$20 — today, that would do wonders in terms of keeping my wife happy, which is of course Job Number One. This year, I’ll be bringing my brother Kirby to CPAC for his photography skills, and we should get some nice images on the blog, plus John Hoge and I will be doing The Other Podcast from the site.

CPAC has announced Vice President Mike Pence among the speakers, and we don’t know yet if President Trump will also show up. At any rate, the fact that my usual hotel is sold-out suggests that this year’s CPAC will be pretty big, and once more I remind you that the Five Most Important Words in the English Language are:




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