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Confirmed: You’ve Got the Racism Virus

Posted on | March 10, 2020 | 2 Comments


Years ago, when discussing amnesty for illegal aliens, I announced one exception to my universal opposition: “Don’t deport the hotties!”

Send us your supermodels, your Maxim cover girls, your Miss Universe contestants, we lift our lamp beside the golden door. There is no such thing as too much beauty, and America’s immigration policy should make a special exception for good-looking young women. Stephen Green calls our attention to the case of University of Chicago student Evita Duffy:

The university’s Institute of Politics ran an Instagram campaign last week, giving students a chance to fill in the blank after “I vote because…” Duffy can be seen in the video holding a sign that says, “I vote because the coronavirus won’t destroy America, but socialism will.”
You can probably guess what happened next, but it was serious enough that Duffy — who describes herself as a conservative Hispanic woman — had to take it public with an op-ed in the student paper. She wrote that she hoped her “vote” message might “encourage a lively and robust debate on economics,” but instead she received an “onslaught of online hate and threats of violence” from her tolerant, progressive friends. . . .

Fellow students attacked my character, my intellect, my family, my appearance, and even threatened me with physical violence, using foul and offensive language. I was called a racist and a xenophobe. Some compared me to animals. Others declared that they would personally stop me from voting, and many defended the personal attacks, saying I deserved to be bullied and that I don’t belong at the University of Chicago on account of my beliefs. I was told by many that I was the most hated person on campus. It was frightening. It was also hurtful, since some of the attacks came from people I considered friends.

You might wonder, “How can someone named ‘Duffy’ be Hispanic?” Her father is former Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, and her mother is Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Latina from Arizona. Evita Duffy’s mother is not only Hispanic, but also a pro-life Catholic, and Evita is one of nine children in the Campos-Duffy family. #Winning!

Being called “racist” is just part of being a conservative nowadays, and I’ve long since become immune to such accusations. To be hate-listed by the SPLC is a sort of inoculation, and while I suppose my performance as an alleged “white supremacist” must be disappointing to anyone who takes the SPLC seriously, it’s fun to mock these perceptions by occasionally writing something that an earnest hate-watcher will have to read carefully in search of evidence — proof! — that I really am an awful hater: “Don’t deport the hotties!” Yes, there must be something racist about saying such a thing. I dare Heidi Beirich to explain why.

David Gura of MSNBC declared on Twitter that it is “racist” to refer to the current epidemic as the “Wuhan virus.”

It’s 2020: Everything is racism and everybody is racist.



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