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Commies, Democrats and the Media

Posted on | April 6, 2020 | Comments Off on Commies, Democrats and the Media


But I repeat myself:

An Illinois Democrat who accused President Donald Trump of killing Americans by lying to the public about the coronavirus also spread pro-China misinformation about the deadly disease during a townhall with constituents.
As COVID-19 spreads across the nation, Rep. Sean Casten (D., Ill.) has repeatedly attempted to blame Trump and Republicans for the death toll, accusing them of spreading fatal misinformation about the pandemic. Casten himself, however, has misinformed the public about China’s role in the pandemic. When one of his constituents asked about the early Chinese response to the outbreak at a March 21 electronic town hall, the congressman refused to talk about the regime’s coverup of the virus. Instead, he incorrectly said that China had successfully isolated the outbreak in Wuhan.
“China, to their credit, once they realize they had a problem, shut down the entire province that this was in and they seem to have largely isolated the cases in China,” Casten said. “We have missed that window in the United States.” . . .
Casten also asserted the United States shut down its pandemic response team in the National Security Council, a false claim repeated by many Democrats and mainstream media outlets. Trump merely consolidated several redundant teams, including those tasked with the pandemic response, into one office while retaining much of their original staff, according to Tim Morrison, who previously led the consolidated office.

Via Instapundit, who asks: “Why are Democratic members of Congress covering up for the Chinese government’s misbehavior?”

Answer: Because Democrats hate America, that’s why.

And the same goes double for our journalistic elite.  They have an arrogant sense of their own superiority to the rest of us, particularly the “deplorables” out in flyover country who vote for Trump. Therefore, the media establishment makes a calculation: Anything that we redneck hillbillies like (e.g., the internal combustion engine) is bad and must be destroyed, whereas anything we don’t like (e.g., communism) is good and must be encouraged. This is why, for example, the liberal media are so enthusiastic about transgenderism. They figure, “Yeah, the Trump voters are gonna hate having their daughters share a bathroom with some deranged pervert, so we must support policies that mandate this.”

Because of their reflexive partisan bias, our media are now actually cheering for the Chinese virus to kill the maximum number of Americans, because the more people die, the more they can blame Trump. This is why the media hate chloroquinine, and want this potentially life-saving treatment to fail, because a drug that saves Americans lives might be good for Trump, and anything that is good for Trump is wrong.

CNN has become the Chicom News Network, and our media overlords are very angry that President Trump called out a reporter for a Beijing-controlled propaganda operation during his White House briefing.



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