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Police Chief Says ‘Elected Official’ Allowed Destruction of Portsmouth Monument

Posted on | June 12, 2020 | 4 Comments


Question: What role did a Confederate monument in Portsmouth, Virginia, play in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis?

Answer: None at all.

This certainly is not the first time Southerners have been demonized to distract from wrongdoing committed by Yankees. Any assertion that destroying Confederate monuments is a gesture necessary to end police brutality, or to achieve “racial justice” (whatever that means) is a proposition lacking evidence or logic. But I digress . . .

Wednesday evening, a member of the vandal horde was seriously injured — he is hospitalized, and I’m astonished he’s still alive — after a statue on the Portsmouth monument was toppled onto his head. His name is Chris Green, and his wife said he flatlined twice en route to the hospital, where doctors put him into a coma to save his life:


The mood in the crowd mostly was celebratory. A marching band joined in with an impromptu performance.
The celebration, however, came to an abrupt halt shortly after 9 p.m., when the statue came down on Green.
Police moved in to secure the area with crime scene tape, as medics took Green away on a stretcher. Officers asked that the remaining protesters leave.
Green’s wife, Tonieh Brisbane-Green, wasn’t with him at the demonstration. She said her husband of 13 years flatlined twice while he was on the way to the hospital. She told 13News Now that they have two children.
Tonieh said she supports people’s right to protest, “but do it in a peaceful manner. There was no need to do all of that especially while there were so many people around that statue knowing that somebody’s going to get hurt.”
Now Green’s wife said she was upset that protesters “didn’t think” when they pulled the statue down.
She said doctors told her “they were surprised he even made it because that thing [the statue] is so heavy.”

“The last casualty of the Civil War,” someone said.

Sarcasm aside, the question is why this happened. There had been a protest at the monument during Wednesday afternoon, and the city council convened an emergency session to discuss removing the monument. They scheduled a public hearing, which is required to approve any action of the council, but meanwhile the police were told to stand down as the protest turned to vandalism:

Portsmouth officials say there will be a state police investigation into the events Wednesday night that destroyed a 127-year-old Confederate monument on Court Street and left a man seriously injured. . . .
The probe will focus on why officers were possibly told to stand down — a detail the police chief denies — as well as if there was any outside influence on the decision to allow vandalism to occur. . . .
Councilman Bill Moody suggested state Sen. Louise Lucas was on scene Wednesday afternoon directing police to allow the destruction of the monument. Moody also suggested Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke and Councilman Shannon Glover were on scene and were complicit in the violence or vandalism.
Lucas-Burke said it was incorrect to suggest the senator directed the police to allow the vandalism. Both Lucas-Burke and Glover denied they were there to encourage vandalism, instead saying they were there to try to de-escalate the situation.
Wednesday night after the protest, Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene also said she never gave her officers an order to ignore the destruction of the monument. Instead, she said an elected official directed the officers to let protesters [vandalize] the structure. . . .
Moody said Thursday he specifically wanted state police to look into Lucas’ involvement with Portsmouth Police during the protest.

Oh, what? The state senator is the mother of the vice-mayor? And both of them were part of the vandal horde?

As for why police didn’t arrest spray-painters from the beginning, Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene says an elected official is to blame.
“There was misinformation given that it was down through other elected officials [not to arrest protesters] was actually the call that was made. So, I had to make some calls to find out exactly where that order was coming from. By that time, there were already engaging in the property damage.”
State Senator Louise Lucas shared a Facebook Live video of herself and Councilmember Lisa Lucas-Burke at the protest, but Greene refused to name the elected official she says was meddling.

Well, at least the injured man’s family knows who to sue.

Criminal anarchy is what you’re voting for when you elect Democrats.




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