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How Much Did Her Life Matter?

Posted on | June 16, 2020 | 1 Comment


Tessa Majors made the mistake of attending Barnard College.

If your child ever expresses an interest in attending Barnard College, you probably should have them committed to a psychiatric institution, because you’d have to be crazy to go to Barnard, one of the worst colleges in America. The cost of attendance is $75,524 a year, including room and board, and also including the opportunity to be murdered.

That’s what happened to Tessa Majors. The 18-year-old, whose father is an English professor at James Madison University, was near the end of her first semester at Barnard in December 2019 when she made the mistake of going for a walk in a park near the college campus:

The teens charged with killing Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors targeted her as she walked alone down a set of stairs in a crime-ridden Harlem park, one of them told detectives in a video recording played in court [Dec. 20].
Zyairr Davis, 13, admitted that he was walking behind pals Rashaun Weaver and Luchiano Lewis, both 14, when they approached her on Dec. 11, the recording made the next day showed.
Davis said he “couldn’t hear too good what they said to her,” but thought that Weaver “was trying to get her phone.”
“She was probably refusing to give it to them, so they got mad at her,” he said.
Davis’ vivid blow-by-blow of the fatal violence included how, “I think Luchi grabbed her, like this” as he crossed his own arms.
“She’s trying to run away. She’s screaming,” he recalled to cops in the 26th Precinct stationhouse.
“The only thing I remember is her yelling for help.”
Davis added, “That’s when Rashaun stabbed her.”

“It ain’t look like poking. It was like — slash.”
Davis also described the suddenness and ferocity of the attack on Majors, 18, a musician and aspiring journalist from Charlottesville, Virginia.
“I didn’t see him take the knife out, but I see all the feathers coming out of her coat,” he said.

Don’t send your kids to Barnard, because it’s in New York City, where you can’t take a walk in the park without being knifed to death.

Guess how much time Zyairr Davis will serve?

A teenager involved in the fatal stabbing of Barnard student Tessa Majors in New York last December was sentenced to 18 months in the custody of the Administration for Children’s Services on Monday.
The now-14-year-old boy, whom CNN is not naming because he was not charged as an adult, has been in custody since December and pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery earlier this month.
He will serve a minimum of six months in a limited secure facility, according to the New York Law Department, which is handling the case. After that, ACS has the discretion to release him and monitor his progress in the community, and his placement may be extended until he turns 18, the department said. . . .
At his plea hearing, the teen told the court he went into Morningside Park with two friends, Rashaun Weaver and Lucci Lewis, intending to rob someone.
“After that, we saw Tessa Majors walking on the stairs inside the park. Rashaun went up to her and said something to her and Tessa yelled for help. Rashaun used the knife that I had handed to him to stab Tessa and I saw feathers coming out of her coat,” he said. . . .
In their impact statement, Majors’ parents said the teen “has shown a complete lack of remorse or contrition” for his role in their daughter’s death. The family also noted that the statement from Legal Aid avoided using the word “murder” and instead referred to Tessa’s death as “tragic.”
“Reading this description of events, some might wonder if perhaps Tess Majors was involved in an accident,” the statement read. “Tess Majors did not die in an accident. Tess Majors was murdered, plain and simple, and no amount of semantic gymnastics changes that fact.”

But it’s New York City. Your daughter’s life doesn’t matter there. Just more violence against women feminists won’t notice, for some reason.



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