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The Hotepping of America

Posted on | June 23, 2020 | Comments Off on The Hotepping of America


Do you know what “hotep” means? Supposedly, hotep is an ancient Egyptian word meaning “peace,” but the word has become slang for promoters of a crude system of Afrocentric beliefs, with overtones of black nationalism tending toward paranoid conspiracy theories:

In Afrocentrism and black nationalism of the late 20th century, influenced by the “Black Egyptian hypothesis”, “Hotep” was adopted as a formula or greeting. Since the 1990s, “a Hotep” has come to be used to refer to a proponent of radical or fanatical black nationalism.

What are #BlackLivesMatter and “The 1619 Project” except the reconstruction of American culture to reflect such beliefs? It can be demonstrated, as a matter of statistical certainty, that racist police brutality is actually rare, and certainly not an epidemic requiring a “national conversation.” Yet we see plenty of white fools literally bending the knee in obeisance to what is merely an elaborate version of the “blame whitey” hotep mentality, dressed up in academic jargon.

This is why you have ignorant mobs attacking statues of practically every white person who has ever been honored with a statue. Because history is not taught properly in our schools — and logic is not taught at all — young people are easily duped by propaganda, and willing to engage in criminal acts of destruction, so long as they are furnished with slogans to convince them that “social justice” is thereby advanced.

Why do you think we see so many allegedly “educated” white people pushing themselves to the forefront of these riotous protests? Because they are not sufficiently street-smart to recognize the distinct scent of paranoid nonsense. They have been completely hotepped.



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