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‘Drop the Knife! Drop It!’

Posted on | July 17, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘Drop the Knife! Drop It!’


Here’s a simple question: How many times should a cop have to tell you, “Drop the knife”? Like, suppose that you were an idiot who had just caused a six-car traffic pileup in Los Angeles, and when the police showed up on the scene, you were waving around a razor knife.

The cop has a pistol drawn and yells at you, “Drop the knife!”

One time?

Yeah, I think most people would drop the knife the first time.

Two times?

Let’s face it, most criminals aren’t very smart. So maybe the police officer with a pistol would have to yell “drop the knife” twice.

But suppose you are such a complete idiot that you not only cause a massive accident on San Pedro Street, but after the cop — you know, the one with a pistol — tells you the second time to drop the knife, you not only fail to comply, you keep advancing toward the cop.

At this point, you’re what we call “fair game.” And perhaps someone should have warned you — yes, you, the reckless-driving idiot waving around a razor knife in the middle of San Pedro Street — that the LAPD officer you are confronting is one of the best shots in America.


Officer Toni McBride’s marksmanship made her nationally famous. She is literally a poster girl for the “Hot Chicks With Guns” market. Looks like you picked the wrong day to bring a knife to a gunfight:

Over the course of roughly 15 seconds, she tried to deter Hernandez with a series of seven voice commands, first, “Let me see your hands!” then, “Stay right there!” Then, three times: “Drop the knife!”

Excuse me? I don’t care who you are, three times is sufficient warning. It seems, however, that Daniel Hernandez was unusually stupid:

Hernandez kept moving slowly toward her, throwing both arms out from his sides. McBride commanded, “Drop it!” a final time, a split second before firing two shots. Hernandez keeled forward to the asphalt, but quickly pushed himself up and forward. McBride fired two more rounds, then the final two as Hernandez rolled on the ground.


Six shots, six hits. Good shooting, Officer McBride.

Because this is 2020, of course, everybody in L.A. is trying to turn this into an excuse for a protest. “Stupid Lives Matter,” or whatever.

UPDATE: A commenter calls attention to a highly relevant fact:

A coroner’s autopsy would later show that Hernandez had methamphetamine in his system. Witnesses said he rejected any assistance and appeared to be cutting himself in the cab of his truck. (A medical examiner later noted cut marks on Hernandez’s forearms.)

Meth is a bad drug, which can cause paranoid psychosis. We don’t know how much meth Hernandez had been doing, but the fact that he plowed his truck into another vehicle and began cutting himself would lend itself to the supposition that he was deranged, demented, delusional, off his rocker, out of his mind, and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Proving once again that Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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