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Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Posted on | August 6, 2020 | 3 Comments

SJW Akilah Hughes is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

My lifelong policy — as a matter of principle, really — is to avoid lawsuits. Specifically, I take to heart the advice Andrew Jackson got from his mother: “Andy, never tell a lie, nor take what is not your own, nor sue for slander, settle those cases yourself.” Or as has been quoted elsewhere: “Never bring a suit in law for assault and battery or for defamation. The law affords no remedy for such outrages that can satisfy the feelings of a true man.” In general, I don’t like being in courtrooms for any reason, and cannot imagine why anyone would choose to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit, if he could possibly find any other remedy for a situation..

Unfortunately, we live in an age when litigiousness is encouraged by our culture — all those TV courtroom dramas where justice always triumphs and lawyers are portrayed as heroes — so as soon as anyone gets their feelings hurt, their automatic response is, “I’ll sue you!”

Well, today, boys and girls, let’s learn about a few helpful legal phrases, including “fair use” and “malicious intent”:

On Aug 25, 2017, [YouTube comedian Akilah] Hughes filed a copyright infringement claim in New York federal court against fellow YouTube content creator Carl Benjamin [a/k/a “Sargon of Akkad”] alleging that he violated fair use principles when he used selections of Hughes’s video entitled “We Thought She Would Win” to make his own video entitled “SJW Levels of Awareness” cut and edited from the original work posted by Hughes. The judge ruled that the video met three of the four fair-use standards and dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice. Benjamin filed a motion dated February 18, 2020 requesting attorney’s fees and costs. . . .
On August 5, 2020 Judge Richard J. Sullivan ruled against Hughes and awarded Benjamin over $38,000 in attorney’s fees, finding that Hughes’ claims were “objectively unreasonable” and that this was “clear from the face of the complaint and the videos at the heart of the dispute.” He also noted that because of Hughes’ public messages on Twitter promising to “bankrupt” and de-platform Benjamin, she displayed clear malicious intent, which was another criterion for awarding legal fees.

Noted legal scholar Ace of Spades offers this scholarly commentary:

$38,000, bitch.
She’s currently chain-slandering Sargon on Twitter, repeatedly calling him a “white supremacist.”
He should sue her ass for that, too — he’s now playing with house money, after all.
She’s also attacking the judge. The judge who repeatedly warned her she had no case and that if she pursued things, she was doomed to lose and might wind up having to pay the other party’s attorney fees.
But she’s an SJW — she’s special. She can ignore the law.
Or maybe not.
As Ya Boi Zach advises: “Ignore ’em when you can, sue ’em when you can’t.”

The “fair use” window in U.S. copyright law is very large, especially when it comes to online content. If you publish something on the Internet, and someone wishes to mock or criticize what you have published, any competent attorney would advise you against suing for copyright infringment, because the “fair use” doctrine certain includes quoting what you said or as in this case, showing a video clip of you saying what you said. But perhaps Akilah Hughes doesn’t know any competent lawyers. Maybe she should seek advice from Bill Schmalfeldt.

Here is the 2-minute edit Sargon did of Akilah’s stupid video:


Sargon’s title, “SJW Levels of Awareness,” is entirely apt, and this dimwit SJW doesn’t seem to have gained any higher level yet.

Notice her use of “white supremacist” (defined as anyone who disagrees with a liberal) and her use of “harassed” to mean criticized.

If you vote Republican, you are a “white supremacist,” according to Akilah Hughes, and if you use your Twitter account to say anything negative to Akilah Hughes, she calls that “harassment.”

Also, she doesn’t know the difference between hoard and horde, but please tell me again how “ignorant” Trump voters are.



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