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Chicago: ‘Find Some Place to Loot’

Posted on | August 16, 2020 | 1 Comment


Say hello to Aaron Neal, criminal mastermind:

A 20-year-old man announced: “I’m going to find some place to loot” while filming himself on Facebook Live breaking into a Gold Coast neighborhood ATM with a hammer during the second widespread Mag Mile looting of the summer, prosecutors said Saturday afternoon.
The suspect, Aaron Neal, was in court Saturday, facing felony charges of burglary and criminal damage to property to the ATM, which prosecutors said was left a “total loss,” needing more than $2,000 in repairs. It was Neal’s first arrest. . . .
About 2 a.m. Monday, Neal showed up with a group and walked into a vestibule containing an ATM at 1 E. Delaware Place in the Gold Coast neighborhood, prosecutors said during the bond hearing.
After the group left, Neal came back and began filming on Facebook Live on his phone.
“He began hitting the ATM with a hammer in an attempt to break it open,” prosecutors said.
Some from the group returned, and he continued filming himself, at one point saying: “He was going to find someplace to loot,” prosecutors said.
“This incident is corroborated by the fact that, per the state’s proffer, you put your actions over the internet for public display,” the judge said. In addition, police found surveillance from the lobby.

This week, more than 40 suspects in Chicago’s looting spree made their initial court appearances and, as Paul Mirengoff points out at Powerline, none of the suspects even mentioned their alleged motive:

Ostensibly, the looting was a response to a police shooting in the Englewood neighborhood. Yet, according to the [Chicago] Tribune, none of arrested looters was from Englewood.
In fact, no one who made a statement in court upon being arraigned even mentioned the incident. Not only was the police shooting a pretext for the looting, it was so far from the looters’ consciousness that they forgot to mention it.
The prevailing motive of this “odd mix” wasn’t “police brutality,” it was the desire to snatch free stuff and, at least some cases, to smash things. In other words, envy and resentment, not “social justice.”

Who commits crime? Criminals, that’s who. This is self-evident, but the way Americans have been taught to talk about crime, we are never allowed to mention the existence of the category “criminal.” That is to say, we are supposed to believe (or at least pretend we believe) that the tendency toward criminal behavior is equally distributed throughout society, so that the only reason prison inmates are not a representative random cross-section of the American population is social injustice.

Well, let’s look at who got arrested for looting in Chicago:

More than a hundred people were arrested as blocks of stores were trashed, 13 officers were injured and downtown was shut for hours as police struggled to control unruly crowds late Sunday into Monday morning. A security guard and another person were shot downtown.
At least one person was charged with attempted murder, five with aggravated battery against police or resisting arrest, 28 for burglary and looting, six for gun possession and the rest for theft or criminal damage to property. . . .
Carloads of people descended on downtown and the North Side, smashing shop windows and carrying out TVs, Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags, iPhones, jewelry and other merchandise, sometimes piling them into waiting U-Hauls.
One of the first arrests downtown happened minutes before 1 a.m. when a man from the East Garfield Park neighborhood used a brick to smash a front window of the Burberry store on North Michigan Avenue.
As cops closed in, prosecutors said he hurled a brick and hit one of the officers in the head. . . .
Two brothers and another man, all with felony backgrounds, allegedly helped clean out an Apple store near Halsted Street and North Avenue in Lincoln Park. When police pulled over their blue Chevy Tahoe, they found $17,000 worth of iPhones inside. . . .
On Huron Street, video shows a man inside the Lester Lambert store methodically handing display cases of jewelry — as well as a gun found in a lockbox — to people waiting outside. As police arrived, he ran from the store and slammed into the commander of the Near North police district, knocking her to the ground.
He told arresting officers that he learned of the looting on Facebook.
Six men were caught with guns at looting scenes, including a convicted felon and registered gun offender who prosecutors said fled in a getaway car outside the Louis Vuitton store, leaving behind his loaded handgun with an extended magazine. He was ordered held on $300,000 bail.

These crimes were not committed by a random cross-section of the population. While some of the suspects, including the young criminal mastermind Aaron Neal, had no prior arrest record, that doesn’t mean they were upstanding citizens prior to the outbreak of what the media call “unrest.” In a city as violent as Chicago — where 437 people have been shot to death so far this year, and more than 2,000 others wounded by gunfire — the police don’t have a lot of time to bother investigating property crimes, low-level drug trafficking, etc. So that means there are a lot of criminals roaming the streets who’ve never been caught. In fact, nearly half of homicides in Chicago went unsolved last year, which means that there are literally hundreds of murderers out on the streets.

It’s not really a mystery why Chicago is Crime City, U.S.A, nor is it a mystery how Lori Lightfoot got elected mayor.


Mayor Lightfoot is a Democrat. Who votes for Democrats? Criminals do.

Whenever Democrats get elected, criminals celebrate this as a victory. The looting in Chicago was basically a Joe Biden rally. Here is police video showing the crime spree in downtown Chicago:


They don’t look like Trump voters, do they?



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