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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | August 21, 2020 | 2 Comments


Say hello to Cecilia Fulbright of Waco, Texas:

Waco police arrested a 30-year-old woman Wednesday morning on driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault charges after she chased at least two cars and intentionally crashed into one, later telling police she thought she was chasing a pedophile who had kidnapped a girl, arrest affidavits state.
Officers arrested Cecilia Celeste Fulbright, of Waco, at about 10 a.m., after she crashed into a barrier near the gas pumps at H-E-B on North 19th Street, police reported.
A driver called police at about 9:20 a.m. to report a small red car had chased them on North 19th Street but that they were able to get away, according to the affidavit.
About 20 minutes later, another driver reported the red car was chasing her and that the driver, Fulbright, was yelling at her and rammed her car multiple times before the caller pulled into the H-E-B parking lot on 19th Street, the affidavit states.
“Ms. Fulbright pursued (the driver) through the parking lot striking her again and an uninvolved Dodge Durango before Ms. Fulbright crashed into a cement pylon at the gas pumps,” police reported.
The other driver was uninjured.
When officers arrived, Fulbright was in her car “crying hysterically” and yelling that the other driver “was a pedophile and had kidnapped a girl for human trafficking.” She said she rammed the other car “because she believed she was saving a child” from a pedophile she followed from Speegleville, but her account “did not match the timeline or any facts or evidence,” the affidavit states.
She appeared to be “delusional” and under the influence of drugs, and a breath test showed her blood alcohol content was between 0.21% and 0.217%, more than double the legal limit of 0.08%, according to the affidavit.

OK, that’s crazy enough, but wait — it gets even better!

On Aug. 6, Fulbright sent [her acquaintance Mark] Mueller an “out of the blue” message containing a link to download the Trump 2020 campaign app. Mueller said he subsequently argued with Fulbright about Trump’s political competency and during the argument?, she claimed that Trump was “literally taking down the cabal and the pedophile ring.”
“One by one,” Fulbright wrote to Mueller. “What President has EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT? It’s been going on for centuries.” . . .
Adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory imagine Trump as a savior figure and often equate criticism of the president with support for pedophilia and infanticide.
Sydney Molina, a former roommate of Fulbright, said that Fulbright “has a history of mental health issues” that have gone untreated. She added that Fulbright’s family was “super huge” into supporting the president and that Fulbright was “feeding off her own family’s crazy Trump love.” At some point in May, Molina claims to have introduced Fulbright to QAnon.
“I was the one who originally sent her stuff, and her boyfriend sent her stuff, kind of like laughing at how ridiculous it is,” Molina said.
But according to Molina, Fulbrigh began to sincerely follow the conspiracy theory.
“I found out later that she was staying up for days reading this stuff,” Molina told RWW. “She was getting more and more caught up in it and delusional.”
By the time of Fulbright’s arrest, Molina said Fulbright “had been on a three-day bender on this QAnon stuff, and the last thing she said to me was that the aliens gave her free power.” Fulbright claimed to Molina that her red 1984 Pontiac Fiero “was powered with free power from the aliens?.”

Pro tip: Don’t send conspiracy-theory stuff to your crazy friends.

By the way, as a strategy to get crazy people to vote Republican, this QAnon thing is genius. I mean, why should the GOP allow Democrats to have a monopoly on the votes of the mentally ill? Feminists believe the patriarchy is oppressing them, so they vote Democrat. How is that less crazy than believing that aliens are powering your Pontiac?



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