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Police Chief: ‘When You Point a Gun at Officers, Expect to Get Shot’

Posted on | September 2, 2020 | Comments Off on Police Chief: ‘When You Point a Gun at Officers, Expect to Get Shot’


OK, folks, I hereby officially pronounce the “Police Activity” YouTube channel to be The Best Thing on the Internet. While I’m trying to maintain my sanity during the current campaign season — the polls are tightening, and Democrats are planning to steal the election by mail fraud — what I need is a distraction, and nothing is more soothing to my nerves than watching bodycam videos of bad guys getting shot by cops.

So there was a reported carjacking in Daytona Beach, Florida, a few months ago, and when cops showed up, the bad guy made a bad decision:


The suspect was lucky to survive:

Two Daytona Beach police officers shot a man who they say tried to carjack a woman at a Popeyes before pointing a rifle on them at a nearby Wawa, according to Police Chief Craig Capri.
The shooting was reported around 8:10 a.m. [May 25] near International Speedway Boulevard and U.S. 1.
Capri said the woman was at Popeyes waiting for the restaurant to open when the man tried to carjack her. She was able to get away and call for help, police said.
The man then walked down Ridgewood Avenue carrying the rifle, and officers confronted him near a Walgreens and Wawa, Carpi said.
The officers asked the man to drop the rifle, but he pointed it at them, according to Capri, who added that his officers opened fire, striking the man.
The Daytona Beach Police Department released several videos of body-worn camera footage of the shooting Monday afternoon.
The video shows the first officer get out of his patrol car and tell the man, “hey, don’t raise it.”
The officer then proceeded to take cover behind the rear passenger side of his patrol car, according to the video, and continued to tell the man to “put it down, put the rifle down.” . . .
“When you point a gun at officers, expect to get shot,” Capri said.

This is common sense, isn’t it? But common sense seems to be rare among criminals — or, as I prefer to call them, armed Democrats.


Say hello to Michael Anthony Harris, who won’t be able to vote for Joe Biden in November, because he made a very bad decision:

The Daytona Beach police officer shot in the chest [Aug. 29] while trying to arrest an attempted murder suspect has risked his own life, and saved those of others several times before.
Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri had no hesitation Tuesday when he described Officer Dominic Besse. Capri calls him “A true hero.”
Besse responded to a Holly Hill apartment on Saturday, and when he found the suspect in a shooting in Daytona Beach two weeks before, Besse became the victim taking a bullet to his chest. Besse’s own body-worn camera recorded the shooter’s muzzle flash and the sounds of agony the officer felt when the projectile struck him.
Besse, a tactical expert, survived likely because his protective vest kept the bullet from piercing his body.
The exchange of gunfire, estimated at 50 rounds, ended with the death of the wanted gunman, 44-year-old Michael Anthony Harris.


More background on the recently deceased criminal:

Daytona Beach and Holly Hill police had gone to the apartment complex to arrest Harris after getting an anonymous tip he was in Unit 104, Capri said.
“We don’t believe it’s his home but we got an anonymous tip that he was there,” Capri said during a press conference Saturday night. “People are scared of him.”
Harris was sought in the shooting of a woman Aug. 18 at Travelers Inn at 850 S. Ridgewood Ave. in Daytona Beach. That woman, who was not identified by police, is recovering at Halifax Health Medical Center, Capri said.
The woman [shot in the Aug. 18 incident] called 9-1-1 around 3:38 a.m. and said she’d been shot. Police found the woman by the stairway near a room and she cried out, “help me I’ve been shot,” investigators said.
Capri said she was shot twice in the back and became unconscious before police could get a statement from her.

So he shot a woman twice in the back. More “violence against women” that feminists will never mention, for some reason . . .



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