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‘100% Antifa’ Is Now 100% Dead

Posted on | September 4, 2020 | 4 Comments


Michael Reinoehl has become the only kind of good Antifa:

The suspected gunman who fatally shot a right-wing protester in Portland last weekend was reportedly shot and killed by law enforcement authorities Thursday night as they attempted to arrest him.
Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, died in Lacey, Washington, where federal agents were attempting to take him into custody for the shooting — the same night his interview on the shooting aired on Vice News, the New York Times reported.
Reinoehl in the interview insisted he acted in self-defense and “had no choice” when he shot Aaron “Jay” Danielson, 39, after an evening of clashing protests in Portland on Aug. 29.
“Had I not acted. I’m confident that my friend — and I’m sure I — would have been killed,” Reinoehl told Vice News. “I wasn’t going to stand there and let something happen.”
Details of Reinoehl’s death were not immediately clear. Police sources had told The Oregonian that he was the subject of investigations into the shooting.

BTW, Reinoehl was lying about the self-defense claim. The “right-wing protester” didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, there was no protest happening at the time. Earlier that evening, a caravan of Trump supporters had driven through Portland in a sort of parade, and Danielson was just walking around downtown when he was targeted by Antifa, pointed out and assassinated in cold blood by Reinoehl.

As for the unlamented death of Reinoehl, as Professor Reynolds says, it was a “mostly peaceful arrest.” Perhaps it would have been nice if he had lived to be interrogated, so he could have rolled over on his accomplices (which is what a punk like that would do), but a trial would have cost taxpayers a lot of money, and then there would have been the cost of keeping him incarcerated the rest of his worthless life. So, yeah, it’s not the worst possible outcome for him to die in a hail of gunfire.



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