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Why White Lives Don’t Matter

Posted on | September 8, 2020 | 3 Comments


No, I’m not talking about this — not yet, maybe later today — but rather about an interesting fact you probably haven’t noticed: Nobody cares how many white suspects get shot by cops. And I mean absolutely nobody cares. Certainly no black person has ever bothered to investigate how often the police shoot white suspects, but white people don’t care, either. Like, if I got pulled over by cops tomorrow and became belligerent when they tried to arrest me, nobody would care if this resulted in me being shot to death. My own family wouldn’t really care. My friends would be like, “He probably had it coming. He was always an idiot.”

There would be no protest marches. Benjamin Crump wouldn’t be all over CNN complaining about the “excessive force” if I got shot by cops. And this is not just true for me, but of any other white person.

Why is this? It’s because the Left has convinced a sizable percentage of Americans — especially the kind of fools who vote for Democrats — that the law is fundamentally unjust. To the Left, law is always an expression of political power and, because “people of color” are alleged to be oppressed, therefore the law is an expression of injustice. So when the cop attempts to enforce the law, according to this leftist worldview, the correct thing to do is to resist this oppressive power.

You were driving 20 miles over the speed limit with an expired tag and no insurance? You’re a victim of injustice! That cop is an oppressor! 

This idea that police, merely by enforcement of well-known laws, are acting as agents of “systemic racism,” explains why there must be riots every time a black person gets shot by cops, whereas CNN can’t even be bothered to notice when the cops kill white people:

Freddrick Hadden was shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy in Burke County, Georgia. A habitual felon who had only recently been released from prison, Hadden had kidnapped his ex-wife at gunpoint. When Deputy Eric Madison pursued Hadden to a home near Hephzibah, the woman escaped Hadden’s vehicle. She was shot twice by Hadden before Deputy Madison returned fire, killing the kidnapper and saving the woman’s life.
That incident in August 2019 attracted no national media interest. CNN didn’t cover it, there were no protests, and Joe Biden has never mentioned it. Perhaps that’s because Freddrick Hadden was white and Deputy Madison is black.
For months, Biden and his media allies have abetted #BlackLivesMatter activists in inciting racial fear and hatred, claiming that “systemic racism” by police accounts for the deaths of black suspects at the hands of police. Even though research clearly disproves such claims, the facts haven’t stopped Democrats from trying to exploit this slanderous narrative in their effort to defeat President Trump. . . .

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