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Who Votes for Democrats?

Posted on | September 22, 2020 | 1 Comment


Do me a favor and post this to your Facebook page, or send the link by email to your Democrat friends, to help them understand why it is so wrong for them to vote to elect liars and fools like Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. See, that’s the thing about the Trump era — President Trump is an easy man to dislike, which means that no Democrat ever has to explain their vote against Trump. Because we live in a two-party system, however, our choices are binary and a vote against Trump is necessarily a vote for Chuck Schumer, one of the most infamously dishonest politicians in American history.

Look at the photo above, which is a screenshot from the video (below) of a Sunday press conference in Brooklyn where Schumer and AOC were arguing against appointing a new justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. What do you notice about that photo? Both of them are wearing masks. Why? To prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The problem with this explanation, however, becomes apparent if you’ll take time to watch the entire 14-minute video. At the beginning, Schumer is speaking without a mask, while AOC stands to his right, wearing a mask. At about the 4:30 mark, Schumer introduces AOC, who removes her mask as she steps to the rostrum and begins speaking. She blathers on until about the 8-minute mark, at which point Schumer comes back to the rostrum, this time wearing a mask. Schumer talks for about three minutes, then AOC returns to the rostrum at the 11-minute mark, without removing her mask. So then for the next three minutes, both Schumer and AOC are wearing masks while they answer questions.


Who was being protected by this, and how? I think everybody watching this pathetic charade could see that the wearing of masks by these two Democrats had zero public-health value, and was entirely a matter of political symbolism. Were Schumer and AOC concerned about the possibility of infecting each other? I think not. As a matter of fact, I doubt either of them were wearing masks except when in sight of the cameras. But if either of them was at risk of transmitting the virus to anyone else, then why did they take off their masks to speak in the early part of the press conference, while wearing their masks later?

This press conference was held outdoors, where the risk of transmission was near-zero, and the cameramen and reporters were all at a proper “social distance” from where Schumer and AOC were speaking, so again I raise the question: Who was being protected and how?

Also, did you notice the type of masks they were wearing? Both of them could certain afford (and have access to) proper medical masks, the disposable paper type, or else a full N95. Instead, they were wearing cheap cloth masks which provide very little real protection.

By the way, I’m not an anti-mask fanatic. Like, I understand that when it comes to people working retail jobs, even a marginal reduction of disease transmission risk is beneficial. I don’t much mind being required to wear a mask when I go to Sheetz or Wal-Mart, because I understand that the people who work there are exposed to hundreds of customers daily, and so anything that reduces their risk of catching the virus from their customers helps keep the business operating. Even if requiring masks affords only partial protection, I don’t begrudge retail workers that small measure of protection. It’s not about keeping me “safe,” it’s about keeping them on the job. But none of those arguments apply to the mask-wearing behavior Schumer and AOC exhibited at this press conference.

Nobody was protected from anything. In terms of contagious-disease containment, this was a textbook example of uselessness, which is par for the course for New York Democrats, both generally and in the specific context of how the state has bungled its COVID-19 response. New York City is quite literally the worst place in the world, in terms of its per-capita death rate from the Wuhan virus, and yet the Democrats who run the city and the state have never stopped congratulating themselves, while absurdly blaming all their problems on Trump.

If you listen to New Yorkers, they expect you to believe that the mass-murdering Grandma-killer Andrew Cuomo has been a complete genius in coordinating the state’s COVID-19 response, and let’s not forget the continuing blunders of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has single-handedly caused a mass-exodus from the Big Apple. Basically anyone in New York City who can afford a U-Haul truck has already left, and yet the Democrats who have run the city into the toilet are telling the rest of America we should trust Chuck Schumer and AOC to run the country.

Hate Trump all you want, but the idea that people like this deserve our trust — that they can be trusted to responsibly exercise power — is so preposterous no intelligent person could believe it.



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