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Trump As Everyman

Posted on | October 1, 2020 | Comments Off on Trump As Everyman

by Smitty

Tuesday’s debate left us all dumber than when we started. We watched on PBS, which offered Trump on the left side of a split screen for most of the night. It was a crap cabaret.
But it was more interesting to watch Trump’s body language, especially when not bloviating. He appeared relaxed, but highly alert, until a moment of pouncing.
Today, the resonance with the 2016 debates with Her Majesty became clear. Both Biden and HRC are archetypes of aristocrats. Trump, especially in his diction, is an Everyman figure. What he’s doing in these debates is metaphorically hammering these despicable elites on behalf of every person in the country who puts in an honest day’s work, while Chelsea bemoans her white privilege, and Hunter snorts his white lines off of some rental flesh.
The other point that seemed apparent Tuesday was that Trump was sizing Biden up. Beside doing the job Feckless Wallace could not to get Biden to own something, anything, pertaining to his policy positions, much of DJT’s antics seemed to be about gauging just how far gone Biden actually is. Trump was offering a real-world cognitive test of sorts.
The debates could be useful if they reverted to a Lincoln-Douglas style of candidates offering substantive speeches. Having a Deep State tool like Wallace just run interference for his preferred candidate is nearly as great an insult as Biden’s candidacy itself.


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