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A Blue-Collar Philosopher

Posted on | October 16, 2020 | 1 Comment

Our education system, and the elite culture that this system influences, is now organized around a concept of “diversity” that is explicitly anti-white and anti-male.” To be a white male in America is to be persona non grata at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, etc. No one in our education system expends any effort to encourage young white males in their dreams or ambitions. Everything taught in the classroom stigmatizes white males, and administrative policy is to hinder (if they cannot actually prohibit) white males from academic achievement. The result of this discrimination is that there are great number of talented and intelligent young white men who have turned their backs on the education system:

I’m a 26-year-old American working-class college dropout who owns and operates a small business. From the time the COVID-19 lockdown began, I’ve had to scramble to ensure that I could keep working. The company that employed me in northern Nevada had me working nearly full-time during the first quarter of 2020, doing repairs on federal buildings in the western states — a job that presented an opportunity for upward mobility and education within the building trades. But when governments abruptly restricted projects in March and April, and limited outside contractors from their facilities, the work dried up long enough to get me moving.
So I moved to Northern California, where I’d previously lived and worked. Sleeping on the floor of a friend’s home near Sacramento to begin with, I reconnected with clients in need of wildfire risk mitigation, as well as handyman and landscape services. It’s been stressful juggling work, finding a place to live, and dealing with unexpected costs. Getting set up in a decent mobile home ate up about three-quarters of my savings. I felt that it wasn’t just the pandemic that put me in this spot, but the heavy-handed response by state and federal government agencies.

Let me point out here that this young man writes more clearly than do many of his college-educated peers. One might wonder why he’s working construction jobs, instead of being employed as a teacher, journalist, lawyer or some other white-collar profession.

As I say, however, the anti-white/anti-male ideology that prevails in academia means that everything possible was done to discourage this young man’s pursuit of a college degree. Even if he had stayed on campus and graduated, he could not have gotten hired as a journalist — all major media organizations now hire on the basis of “diversity,” which is a synonym for “no white males need apply.” Because every major corporation now discriminates against white males under this “diversity” rationale, there is no point even trying to get on that kind of career treadmill. Better to just get a blue-collar job and sweat for a living:

My first year in community college didn’t go well. I thought girls would never want me, remained stuck living at home, and sometimes contemplated suicide. As my 18th birthday approached, adult life looked bleak. . . .
After only a year at college, I decided I had to get out of my parent’s house and find a way to become financially independent. With few options, I took work as a freelance laborer in various trades. Reading the great literary works of the 19th and 20th centuries in my spare time, I imagined that I was emulating my fictional heroes. But the unromantic reality was that this brutal transition toward independence involved poverty and couch surfing. And the work itself was dirty, and often bloody. I did long hours of tree work with arborists, painted, landscaped, and trained as a farrier (one who trims and shoes horses’ hooves). . . .
After a few years of shoeing horses, briefly interrupted by a temporary job mining silver, I ran a brush-clearing and landscaping company as a side hustle. During this scramble for meaningful independence, the leftist tendencies I’d absorbed at college dropped off bit by bit. Life as a capitalist entrepreneur brought out the best in me, even when I was flirting with homelessness. . . .
As a straight white male, I was supposedly luxuriating in a life of privilege—a stereotype that had nothing to do with my experience as a blue-collar worker who’d faced debilitating family traumas.

You can and should read the whole article by Austin Schue.

Do I have to explain that there are many thousands of guys like this out there? One consequence of the anti-white/anti-male bias of our educational system is that it is steadily creating a reservoir of intelligent young white guys who have no stake in the socioeconomic status quo. Alienated from the elite culture, and aware of their status as despised scapegoats — everybody in academia hates white males — these young men are desperate for someone who can explain to them what’s actually going on in the world. Austin talks about finding guidance from Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. It’s important to realize the inherent danger posed by the existence of this class of alienated young white men, some of whom may be tempted to listen to the siren song of hateful conspiracy theorists. If you wonder where the “alt-right” came from, the answer is as simple as one word — diversity. Recall that Richard Spencer was a graduate student at Duke University when the lacrosse team rape hoax made blindingly obvious the hateful nature of “social justice” ideology.

One could trace a direct line of causation from the 2006 Duke rape hoax to the 2017 Charlottesville riot. Our elites think young white men are too stupid to understand what is happening to them — the destruction of their dreams — or why it is happening. The professors and TV news anchors may be surprised to learn that they are wrong, and I fear that they little apprehend what the ultimate result of all this will be.

(Hat-tip: Lawrence Person.)



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