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Is This White Privilege? Florida Lunatic Stabs Cop in the Neck, Doesn’t Get Shot

Posted on | October 21, 2020 | Comments Off on Is This White Privilege? Florida Lunatic Stabs Cop in the Neck, Doesn’t Get Shot


When I watched the video of this incident, it bothered me:

A 21-year-old man stabbed a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy in the neck [Oct. 11], according to police.
Deputy Charles Williams was hospitalized with a cut on his neck and released [Oct. 12] morning, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.
The man accused of stabbing him, Nicholas Furgason, faces charges of attempted felony murder of a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence
Deputies responded about 12:40 p.m. [Oct. 11] to a home in Fishhawk Ranch in Lithia, according to the news release. They were called there to help workers at Gracepoint, a Tampa behavioral healthcare provider, with an involuntary mental health evaluation on Furgason.
Furgason at first cooperated with deputies and Gracepoint staff, according to the Sheriff’s Office. After about an hour of discussion, medical officials decided they would admit Furgason to Gracepoint under the Baker Act, a Florida law that allows for the involuntary commitment of someone believed to be a harm to themselves or others.
Upon learning he would be going to Gracepoint, deputies said Furgason ran away into a wooded area. Williams ran after him while another deputy, Nicholas Cruz, followed behind in a marked patrol cruiser.
Williams caught up to Furgason and, according to the Sheriff’s Office, “used deescalation techniques” to calm Furgason down. The Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage that begins with the deputy facing Furgason on a paved trail in the woods.
“Why are you running, dude?” the deputy asks him. Furgason doesn’t answer.
“Are you scared?” the deputy asks.
“Yeah,” Furgason says.
Williams then explains that Furgason isn’t in trouble, but he has to put him in handcuffs to keep him from running away again. He approaches Furgason and grabs his left arm. Then, the video shows Furgason jerking toward the deputy and the deputy can be heard screaming.
According to the Sheriff’s Office, Furgason stabbed Williams in the neck with a knife. Furgason ran away, and the deputy followed, yelling at him to stop. The body camera video shows him pointing his gun toward Furgason and yelling into his radio that he was stabbed in the neck.
Williams then pulled out his Taser and got close enough to Furgason to use it. Williams and Cruz detained Furgason, and Williams applied gauze to his wound. Later in the body camera video, deputies picked up what appeared to be a small hunting knife from the ground beside Furgason.
Furgason was booked into the Falkenburg Road Jail on Sunday evening. He remained there Monday evening in lieu of $27,500 bail, according to jail records.

Watch the video:


Honestly, if I was the sheriff, I’d call this a failure. At a time when law enforcement is under intense scrutiny for shooting black suspects, cops need to shoot more white suspects, just to even the score.

White lunatic stabs a cop? Bang, bang. Dead lunatic.

“Stacy, you should have more compassion for crazy people. After all, you’re pretty crazy yourself.” True, but I never stabbed a cop.

The more I think about this kind of “social justice” policy, the more I like it. If cops just start routinely shooting white criminals, it creates a built-in defense against your Ben Crump types whenever a black suspect gets shot. They can’t claim your officers used “racial profiling” or “excessive force” against a black suspect if your department shot six or seven white perps last week. If “excessive force” becomes your standard policy, who’s to say what “excessive” means? You’re moving the Overton Window, see?

Forget about “de-escalation techniques.” Instead, train your officers to escalate every arrest into a guns-drawn standoff, if possible. Like, you pull somebody over for a traffic violation and they give you some attitude, whip out the pistol: “Hands up! Step out of the car!” And if they make one wrong move, blast ’em full of holes. They gotta respect the badge.

What gets me about this lunatic in Florida is, he didn’t show gratitude toward the deputy. The Baker Act is your friend. A three-day holiday in the nuthouse, that’s just what these kooks need, and they should be grateful for it. But you’re gonna stab a cop? That’s the difference between the Baker Act and getting yourself a permanent dirt nap.

Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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