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Bob Chipman’s Kiwi Farms Fan Club

Posted on | November 16, 2020 | Comments Off on Bob Chipman’s Kiwi Farms Fan Club

How did I not realize that “MovieBob” Chipman had a Kiwi Farms file? Yes, of course he would, but I never knew it until Saturday, when a Kiwi linked back to my post about Chipman. If you are unfamiliar with Kiwi Farms, usually the best way to read a Lolcow file is to scan the first page to get the basics, and then go to the end and read backwards to get the latest developments. Right now, Chipman has his Twitter account locked, but he promises to unlock it this week. Meanwhile, however, the Kiwi’s still have access and are updating us on Chipman’s ongoing activity. Did you know — and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn — that Chipman is a big fan of the Netflix pedophile movie Cuties? Also, he loves him some trannies, so that he was enraged when Target decided against banning a book critical of the transgender cult. He hates Tulsi Gabbard.

All kinds of fun stuff you can learn from the Kiwi Farms file on MovieBob, like the time he referred to Republican voters as “obsolete hinterland mayonnaise ghouls.” Classy guy, that Bob. So sad that he has now completely trashed his already trashy reputation.

UPDATE: In a note appended to a 2018 anti-Trump rant, Chipman makes explicit the nature of his grievance against Red State America:

I seldom end up saying anything I genuinely regret or feel I’m “wrong” about, and I’m certainly not losing any sleep over the myriad euphamisms I’ve managed to conjure from the bile when it comes to The GOP, the political wasteland of “Red State” America and the Trump Cult in particular. I’m well aware that not everyone likes the fact that I won’t pretend to have patience for “economic anxiety” or the supposed marginalization of “Rust Belt Whites” as excuses for plain-to-see bald-faced racism, and if nothing else  “The Obsolescents,” “Mayonnaise Ghouls” and “Trashlings” are more fun to work with rhetorically than just constantly heaving an exasperated sigh followed by “Look at this fucking asshole!”

You see, Mr. Midwestern Republican voter, your quaint belief that factory jobs for people in your town is a good thing is just an excuse for “bald-faced racism.” Elsewhere in the same rant, Chipman characterizes Tucker Carlson’s defense of Trump immigration policy as “out-and-proud White Ethno-Nationalism stopping only a few steps short of Carlson simply reading ‘The Fourteen Words’,” i.e., the murderous creed of neo-Nazi terrorist David Lane. The implications of this deliberate smear are numerous, including the suggestion that it is criminal — akin to Lane’s terrorist violence — to be concerned about your own economic prospects, if such a concern leads you to vote Republican.

Of course, perceived economic self-interest also motivates Democratic voters, but the legitimacy of their self-interest is immune to criticism in MovieBob’s universe. He is a native of deep-blue Massachusetts and therefore not prone to questioning his own motives. He is seemingly incapable of understanding, for example, that what he calls “the political wasteland of ‘Red State’ America” actually represents the rising force in our national affairs. When John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960, Massachusetts had 14 seats in the House of Representatives; it now has nine — a 36% loss of political influence. Texas had 22 House seats in 1960; it now has 36 seats — a 64% increase in its influence.

The counterfactual belief that Republican-voting areas are a “wasteland” full of obsolete “Mayonnaise Ghouls” is a rationalization by which Bob Chipman justifies his hatred of people he’s never even met. We need a word to describe irrational hatred based on negative stereotypes. Gosh, if only I could think of such a word. But I’m just a stupid Mayonnaise Ghoul from the political wasteland, and my vocabulary is quite limited.



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