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‘Properly Evolved’: How Pseudo-Eugenic Tropes Foretold Bob Chipman’s Doom

Posted on | November 14, 2020 | 4 Comments

Ace of Spades has a brief rundown of how “MovieBob” Chipman became a casualty of cancel culture, i.e., another “male feminist” exposed as a problematic creep. This non-surprising exposure triggered a memory of a time a few years ago — September 2017 –when I’d researched Chipman because of something Ian Miles Cheong said on Twitter:

If you don’t know who Bob Chipman is, it’s not your fault. He’s an untalented nobody with a YouTube channel who was a movie critic or something for a site called The Escapist until (a) in 2014 he became obsessed with ranting against #GamerGate and (b) in 2015 was laid off from The Escapist, and although (c) it would be a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy to suppose (a) and (b) were related, (d) most people do.
Anyway, I never heard of the guy until Tuesday, when Ian Miles Cheong tweeted about “Bob Chipman and the Unhealthy Preoccupation with The Superior Future,” which turns out to be one of Chipman’s stock phrases.

Another of his stock phrases was “properly evolved” as a synonym for progressive. If you vote Democrat, you’re “properly evolved,” otherwise you are a Neanderthal, according to Bob Chipman.

Making politics the measure of one’s genetic worthiness is profoundly problematic. One cannot breed ideas; intellectual abstractions are not hereditary; beliefs are not part of your DNA. But you see that Bob Chipman latched onto this notion of progressivism as proof of superiority for a very simple reason: In no other way is he superior.

As a matter of fact, Bob looks defective, like someone suffering from a bizarre malfunction of the endocrine glands. He is visibly unhealthy. It is highly unlikely he would ever find a woman willing to bear his children and, therefore, he’s a failure from a Darwinian perspective.

MovieBob is also, not surprisingly, a videogame nerd who went all-in trashing the #GamerGate movement in 2014. He later went all-in for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which was when some of his “progressive” comrades (especially Bernie Sanders supporters) began calling attention to his tendency to use eugenics-influenced rhetoric. In the wake of his recent exposure, Chipman has locked his Twitter account, but you can find a sample of such rhetoric compiled here. In September 2016, for example, Chapman said “people of vision and intelligence need to re-assert their power”; in May 2017 he denounced the “worthless trash-people” who had elected Trump; he had previously lamented that eugenics had been “tainted” by the Nazis.

Does everyone see the irony in this? Many of his “progressive” allies were willing to overlook MovieBob’s problematic tendencies for years, but then one day a cute girl says, “Yuck, stop being a creeper,” and that’s all it took to incinerate his career. Such standards, these people.