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Do You Have Enough Ammunition?

Posted on | December 20, 2020 | Comments Off on Do You Have Enough Ammunition?

There is an ammunition shortage in America. Gun sales soared to record levels in 2020, and the demand for ammunition is insatiable, a problem the NRA’s Mark Keefe illustrates with anecdotes:

Just two weeks ago, I received a call that probably should not have surprised me.
“Do you have any .30-30?” This was not a question I was expecting. I mean, after all, there might be some parachute-cord-wrapped lever-actions somewhere if they haven’t been snarfed up, but .30-30 ammo? Really?
It seems the friend of a friend was heading out on a hog hunt and left it too late to buy ammunition. Nowhere in northern Virginia could you find a box of .30-30 on the shelf. He was headed for a wild boar trip and had exactly four rounds. I dug into my personal stash to make sure his hunt wasn’t ruined, but this is a symptom of a much larger issue today.
Back in April, one of our field editors received a call from a pretty prominent gun shop asking, “How much 9 mm do you have?” He answered and was told that he would be paid twice what he paid for it, and a truck would be there tomorrow. . . .
With the COVID-19 pandemic, protests, riots and then the most rabid anti-gun platform ever introduced being pushed by the Democratic party, it’s no wonder that people have increased their demand for guns and ammunition. When a candidate for national office — even a poorly performing one — utters, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15,” what did you think was going to happen? . . .
I personally watched a fellow who entered the gun shop wanting a Glock and left with a Uberti single-action revolver in .45 Colt simply because it was the only handgun in the store. Once that was gone, the shelves were bare.

Americans are the most heavily armed nation on the planet. There are more guns in America than there are adult citizens. Despite this, the perceived threat to gun ownership from the Democratic Party — and the crimes perpetrated by the kind of people who elect Democrats — is sufficient to incite fear among some gun owners that they don’t have enough guns yet. President Obama was the greatest gun salesman in American history, but it appears that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will out-do even Obama. Do you have enough ammunition? Well, you’ll never know the answer to that question until you run out.

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