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In The Mailbox: 12.28.20

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: They Suffered A Failure Of The Victim-Selection Process
EBL: Reviews – Room 237, also, The Parking Lot Movie
Twitchy: Rapper Who Campaigned For GA Senate Candidates Has Some Problematic Tweets
Louder With Crowder: Fed Up Restaurant Owner Blocks Health Inspector’s Car, Delivers Awesome Rant
Vox Popoli: Why I Am Confident, also, Why The President Signed The Spending Bill
Stoic Observations: Practical Communism

Adam Piggott: Merry Christmas
American Conservative: Profiles In Conservative Cowardice
American Greatness: An Essential Man, also, Did Americans Come To Love Big Brother?
American Power: How Christopher Lasch Repudiated The Radical Left
American Thinker: It’s For Mike Pence To Judge Whether A Legitimate Presidential Election Was Held At All, also, What Denying Election Fraud Accomplishes
Animal Magnetism: Holiday Totty
Babalu Blog: Castro Regime Will Take 75% Of The Wages Paid To Its Slave Doctors In Panama, also, The “Freedom Squad” Is Ready To Take On The Socialist “Squad” In Congress
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For December 25, also, UT Disbands PC Police
Cafe Hayek: Wise Warnings Conveyed With Wit, also, Making Visible Some Of The Unseen Tragedies Of COVID Derangement Syndrome
CDR Salamander: The Navy Has Problems And Must Be Bold To Fix Them
Da Tech Guy: Seeing Is Not Believing, also, Brady Vs. The Expectations Game Revisited
Don Surber: Thank You, Kirk Cameron, also, California Proves Lockdowns Don’t Work
First Street Journal: Big Brother Is Watching You – And The Left Thinks You Need To Be Watched More Closely, also, Killadelphia
The Geller Report: Sidney Powell Releases Massive 270-Page Document Detailing Alleged Election Fraud, also, Muslims Slaughter Nigerian Christians In Sickening Christmas Eve Attack
Hogewash: That Was The Year That Was – Fits 1,2, & 3, also, I Don’t Believe Her
Hollywood In Toto: Adam Carolla Says Mainstream Media & Big Tech Rigged The Election For Biden, also, How To Die For Predicted The Rise Of Social Media Influencers
The Lid: Red Chinese Puppet – GA Democrat Jon Ossoff Urged Americans To Follow Chicom State Media
Legal Insurrection: St. Fauci says American’s Can’t Handle The Truth About The Pandemic, also, Jeffrey Epstein’s Last Cellmate Died In November From COVID
Nebraska Energy Observer: Joy To The World, also, Random Observations
Power Line: Are Democrats In Trouble In 2022? also, Reject Woke Civics
Shark Tank: Eskamani Slams Republicans & Trump For Lack Of COVID Relief
Shot In The Dark: Un-Krakened
STUMP: Happy Stu Day!
This Ain’t Hell: A Response To Our Resident “Boomer-Hater”, also, Special Forces Sergeant Charged In Shooting
Victory Girls: Rand Paul Condemns Governors As “Tin Pot Dictators”, also, Kamala Chameleon Tells Kwanzaa Tales
Volokh Conspiracy: Trump Campaign Loses Another Court Appeal
Weasel Zippers: Buzzfeed Discovers Chicom Slave Labor Camps, also, Madison – We Closed Your Businesses & Ruined Your Life, But If You Don’t Clear The Snow We’ll Fine You
The Federalist: Dr. Fauci Admits He’s Treated The American People Like Children, also, Five Big Things We’ve Learned About Our Elites In 2020
Mark Steyn: The Mark Steyn Christmas Show, also, Boxing Day With Mark & Friends

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