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Modern Motherhood, Florida-Style

Posted on | January 17, 2021 | Comments Off on Modern Motherhood, Florida-Style

Headline from the Tampa Tribune:

Florida woman has abandoned three babies
at apartment complexes since 2016, police say

I include that headline so that Stephen Green doesn’t miss this story in his next “Florida Man Friday” roundup. The details:

Investigators have identified the biological mother of three newborns who’ve been found at apartment complexes in the Orlando area since 2016, police said.
Previous DNA testing had confirmed that the babies were siblings, and investigators connected with their mother through additional testing late last year, Orlando police Lt. Frank Chisari told reporters Wednesday morning.
The mother currently has several other children in her care, police said.
Investigators are working with the state attorney’s office to determine what charges may be brought against the woman, who police did not publicly identify.
Chisari added that the woman appeared to have abandoned the babies out of “pure desperation.”
The most recent baby was found in July 2019 with a note that said she left the baby because she feared the child’s father, news outlets reported.
The first baby was found in 2016, and the second was found in 2017.
Chisari declined to say whether the father has been identified.
“It seems like somebody who was just at the end of their rope,” Chisari told reporters.
He said the woman learned she was pregnant at a late stage during all three pregnancies, and kept it a secret before delivering the children in private.
“I guess she watched a lot of YouTube videos,” Chisari said, describing how the children were delivered discreetly, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

If she “currently has several other children in her care,” but “feared the child’s father” to such an extent that she has abandoned three babies, doesn’t this suggest a serious domestic violence situation?

There must be a fascinating story behind this, and you might expect that journalists would do the footwork necessary to get that backstory, rather than simply quoting what police said at a press conference. What factor could possibly explain this lack of journalistic curiosity?



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