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The Sanhedrin

Posted on | January 23, 2021 | Comments Off on The Sanhedrin

by Smitty

We knew there was a Deep State, but the Sanhedrin atop that Deep State had been on the down-low.

Until they came out and decreed that Barabbas would become the anointed ‘Resident last week, and the other guy would be (rhetorically) crucified for daring to treat the first three words of the Constitution as meaningful. In this telling, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin is George Soros, who, of course, works for the distant Emperor, Xi. Theological note: nothing theological is ascribed to Donald Trump here.

But, as the ‘Resident FICUS immediately showed last week, we are a conquered people. The economic havoc to unfold will take your breath and your retirement away. I’m ready to blame the victim. Ten years ago, there were Tea Parties, and we let the Deep State burn them. Five years ago, Trump descended the escalator, and the Deep State is in the process of rhetorically crucifying and burning him.

It’s my sense, based upon the Trump/Pence body language, that striking a defiant pose in the court of public opinion while playing a clean hand with the Constitutional process was the optimal approach. No sane nose thinks the 2020 election results pass the smell test. The nose knows, but the eye makes the call, and is easily fooled by the Sanhedrin. Trump has not had his day in court, where an eye exam is possible. Hopefully that occurs.

We all expect that, shifting to pagan metaphor, Trump will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. It will be great if he can, and I hope he does. But, if we’re relying on one Indispensable Man, we’re doing “We The People” wrong. We need more than a single point of success, or we won’t escape the Reagan Penalty Box of being a great leader, only to hand over a bunch of great effort to the Deep State for further molestation.

Should Trump start a political party? Only if he seriously thinks he has figured out how to escape the Perot Penalty Box. A fresh organization would be a tactical loser, even if a strategic success. The knowledge to do the cost/benefit analysis is far beyond my skillset. And funding capability.

What matters, though, is that we fundamentally change the context of our government. Trump couldn’t drain the swamp in one term, and two terms is unlikely to succeed. It’s a Good Thing that Trump drove the Sanhedrin out of hiding, and made their anti-American attacks on our election integrity come into focus. We know where to begin. But even **IF** we can puzzle out how Covid-19 was used in a complex attack on our election system in a half-dozen weak states with pliable election officials, that isn’t a solution.

Maybe having Trump do combination rally/ballot harvesting events would be a good way to break the Sanhedrin’s perfidy off where they sit. The rest of the chain of custody would have to be considered. But if you essentially conduct the election in advance of Election Day, you could probably break the New Rules off right where the Sandhedrin sits.

Mar a Lago is in a Democrat district in Florida. I’d love to see Trump run for the House in 2022, become Speaker, and have a veto-override majority, for two years of de facto Presidency ahead of a second term in 2024. Not going to happen, sure, but a hilarious mental image nonetheless.

But what we really need to do that is bigger than Trump, and can mitigate much of the Sanhedrin’s grip, is a Convention of States. Where neither the Tea Parties nor Trump alone could affect the Deep State or the Sanhedrin in any substantive way, the trifecta of Trump, backed by Tea Parties, and driving toward a Convention of States could work. If we demand it and protect it from hijacking.

So that’s the call to action: support the CoS and let’s target our 2037 anniversary of 250 years of American Exceptionalism for a triumphal, re-ratified rebirth. I want power, not wealth redistributed; I want Commies laughed out of office for their nonsensical “multiracial whiteness” garbage; and I want a country where I can dote on some grandchildren with a secure future before them.

Let’s do it.


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