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Posted on | January 24, 2021 | Comments Off on Booted!

by Smitty

Got booted off a social network site today. Hilarious.

It’s a good site. I like the Mastadon interface. It’s most of what there was in Twitter. Apparently I was having too much fun posting links, throwing out discussion points, and building a following. Perhaps some server AI thought I was naughty. The experience and community were of sufficient quality that I was on the cusp of supporting the site financially. These things cost money. Maybe when I’m done with school in a couple of years we could host such.

Some of my terminology usage in reference to current events apparently irritated the admin. The case that we are in a no-kidding Civil War can be made on a conceptual level, but a literal Civil War with troops and battles is just far-fetched, and I said so. This was apparently unacceptable, and my knowledge of the Civil War, the U.S. Military and the French Revolution was assailed.

OK. Running around bragging about my resume is not how I roll. I have one, and it is respectable. No, this was one of those moments where I have to be thankful to have escaped (what in retrospect looks like) an echo chamber. Not quite sure what the deal is with the admin, or what stresses that admin is under, but I rejoice that I didn’t part with any money for this experience. Also, I do have other things that really ought to have my attention.

I haven’t really posted on Twitter in weeks, either. I had advertised the aforementioned site in DMs to a few twitter chums, and this post will serve as a follow-up for them to explain my abrupt absence.


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