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Get Up And Fight

Posted on | February 14, 2021 | Comments Off on Get Up And Fight

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

I’m not quite to Ace levels of rage yet, but I’m becoming increasingly pissed off at the defeatist moaners who think the Democrats have pulled off their October Revolution and it’s all over. “The Uniparty has won,” they whine. “There’s nothing we can do.” Yes, we should all sit quietly in our houses, waiting for the blue-caps to come along and haul us off to the Alaskan death camps for being associated with friends of the supporters of the badthinking White Supremacist RAAAAACIST homophobic Bad Orange Man.


All the horrible things the Democrats want to do are definitely going to happen if you sit at home and moan about what a useless bunch of sellouts the Republicans are, or if you go off trying to make the Libertarians or the Populists a thing. The LP is not going to happen. They’ve been around all my life and all they’ve managed to accomplish is…nothing. The best-known, most successful libertarians have been Republicans like Ron Paul and his son Rand. As Colonel Schlichter points out, the infrastructure of the GOP is sitting right there waiting for Trump’s supporters to take over and use it to support America First candidates. There are a ton of local party organizations dying for lack of volunteers – and I don’t mean the worthless fucks who show up for the party caucuses and then vanish for the next four years. Get involved. Find your local GOP party organization, become a precinct officer and/or delegate, and get to work. Get your friends involved too. The more of you that are involved, the more impact you’re going to have and the more you can get done. It’s not that damn hard. If some autistic kid from 4chan can do it, you can too.
If there is no active local GOP party organization? Find your county or state party org and start building one. Uncle Bob produced a how-to guide for building your own political machine back when he was a Democrat, and while some of it is dated, the basics are still sound.

Too old/sick/overworked to help rebuild the GOP to be an America First party? Stop contributing to the national party organizations. Do your homework and find local candidates who support the MAGA agenda, or who at least are opposed to the left-wing Democrat Party crazy. Not One Red Cent was a good idea in the Tea Party days, and it’s an even better one now. Speaking of the Tea Party, don’t send money to PACs claiming to support the MAGA agenda. This is one of the things that killed the Tea Party movement – a bunch of grifters latching onto it and draining off vital cash & volunteers to support themselves. Support state and county party orgs and candidates instead. Talk to people. Get them active.

One of the big reasons for concentrating on the state and local GOP organizations, especially if you live in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & Wisconsin, is to make sure the legislatures and state offices are firmly in the grasp of the GOP so that the kind of crap that was pulled last fall doesn’t happen again. Push your local state reps and senators on voting security, and if they show indications of being squishy on the issue, follow Don Surber’s advice – primary them and purge them. We have to root out the RINOs from the party at all levels, or we’re going to continue getting screwed by the likes of Liz Cheney, Ben Sasse, Nikki Haley, whose loyalties are to the traitors at the Chamber of Commerce first and us somewhere in 10,000th place. Hang their donations from corporate PACs around their necks and beat them on the ground – because as we all should know by now, money alone doesn’t win elections, and all of these people need to relearn that lesson. Especially the Murder Turtle.

Now get up and fight.

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