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Criminal Dies in Minnesota Shootout

Posted on | February 25, 2021 | Comments Off on Criminal Dies in Minnesota Shootout

It’s always heartwarming news when cops shoot a white criminal. CNN won’t notice and there won’t be any riots — no “say his name” hashtags on behalf of Dominic Lucas Koch, who was 27 when he died of multiple gunshots after leading police on a 40-mile chase in Minnesota.

We’ll get to the events that culminated in Koch’s death in just a minute, but first allow me to recount his criminal record. Like so many of the felons we routinely highlight in our crime coverage here, Koch was a repeat offender. In his hometown of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, Koch was 18 when he was arrested in connection with a case in which one of his buddies, Tyler Chute, had assaulted a sheriff’s deputy. Chute escaped, and two days later, cops got a tip about where he was hiding:

Deputies went to the home Saturday night and were allowed inside. But they were told Chute was not there.
Then something caught their eye.
“A guy was sitting on the couch and cushions were a little askew, and (the deputies) said, ‘Hey, that doesn’t look right,’ ” Sheriff Pete Johnson said.
A deputy asked the man sitting on the sleeper sofa, Dominic Koch, 18, if he knew where Chute was. Koch, who also lives in St. Croix Falls, said he did not, according to a sheriff’s report.
The deputy moved the cushions and found Chute hiding inside the sofa, the report states.
Chute was taken into custody, and Koch was arrested on suspicion of obstructing an officer.

After harboring a fugitive from justice in 2012, Koch’s criminal career next made headlines in 2018, when he got busted with meth:

A Minnesota woman and St. Croix Falls man were arrested in Clark County after police found drugs in their vehicle.
Officials responded to a complaint that someone stole a purse in Fairchild around 3:30 p.m. Friday and found the vehicle belonging to Samantha Waterbury, 24, and Dominic Koch, 24, west of Neillsville, according to a news release from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. The two denied being in Fairchild and said there weren’t any drugs or weapons in the car.
Officials searched the vehicle and found 38.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 1.8 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, the release stated. They also discovered eight cell phones, two iPads and a computer. Officials didn’t find the missing purse.
Waterbury faces charges of possession with intent to deliver, possession of THC and drug paraphernalia, and obstruction. Koch is charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession with intent to deliver narcotics and obstruction.
Waterbury is being held in Clark County jail on a $500 cash bond. Koch is being held under a probation hold and $20,000 cash bond.

What we can infer from Koch being on a “probation hold” is that he was already on probation for some unspecified previous crime, and you might think that getting caught with more than an ounce of meth would have been enough to put him behind bars for a while. An “eight-ball” of meth (3.5 grams, or one-eighth of an ounce) sells for about $50, so Koch had nearly $600 worth of meth on him when he was busted.

That’s second-degree possession, punishable by up to 25 years in prison. There’s a mandatory minimum sentence of three years, if the suspect has a prior drug felony. For whatever reason, however, Koch was back on the street pretty quickly, and he and a buddy were driving a stolen Jeep when Koch decided to go shoplifting at a Kohl’s department store in the Minneapolis suburb of Blaine, Minnesota:

A Wisconsin man and sole survivor of the duo who allegedly carjacked a man and his 9-year-old daughter on Sunday and fled police was charged Tuesday with first-degree aggravated robbery and fleeing police. Both are felony-level offenses.
Joseph William Heroff, 26, of Hammond, Wis., is being held at the Anoka County jail with bail set at $500,000. Dominic Lucas Koch, 27, of St. Croix Falls, Wis., died of multiple gunshot wounds after he was shot by police, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
In the criminal complaint, Heroff told police he and Koch had driven a white Jeep Compass to Kohl’s at 10311 Baltimore St. in Blaine on Sunday afternoon. While inside the store, Koch decided to shoplift.
Heroff told police he did not want to shoplift, so he went outside and waited in the car. A short time later, Koch came running out of the store with a cart full of merchandise, which he began shoving into the vehicle, the complaint said.
Heroff admitted to police that he was the driver at this point, according to the complaint. Officers quickly located the Jeep and attempted to stop it, but the vehicle fled through the Kohl’s parking lot into the adjacent Menards parking lot.
Officers caught up with them and maneuvered a squad to stop the vehicle. The two men then ran across a frozen drainage pond towards the Conquer Ninja Gym facility.
After reaching the parking lot, Heroff reported that Koch pulled out a gun and ordered a man and his 9-year-old daughter out of a pickup truck.
The father told police he and his daughter were waiting in the truck for a birthday party that was about to start at the gym when the men approached and they exited their vehicle, which the men then stole. They sped away.
The two fled north on Minnesota 65. The vehicle was disabled just north of Minnesota 107 near Braham and the men ran. Police said they pursued and gunfire was exchanged.
Koch was killed and Bravo, an Anoka police dog, was injured. He is recovering. Heroff was arrested and uninjured.

Good-bye and good riddance, criminal scum. Watch the video:


When I first watched that video, I had no idea who the suspects were. A carjacking in a Minneapolis suburb? So I had to Google it, and was honestly surprised when I saw the names and mugshots of the suspects. Two white meth freaks on a criminal rampage? Not what I’d expected, but it’s nice to be able to report a bit of “social justice” news:


You’ll never see that headline at CNN, though.



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