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Blood in the Water: Why Have Democrats Turned Against Andrew Cuomo?

Posted on | March 7, 2021 | Comments Off on Blood in the Water: Why Have Democrats Turned Against Andrew Cuomo?

Headline from the Washington Post:

Cuomo’s behavior created ‘hostile, toxic’ workplace culture for decades, former aides say

Mere weeks ago, Cuomo was embraced as a hero by Democrats and celebrated by their media allies, who bestowed an Emmy Award on him.

So why does it seem that the same forces that made Cuomo a hero are now determined to destroy him? Ace offered this analysis:

A friend speculates that this Late Hit on Cuomo — the hit should have come in freakin’ May, of course — is being coordinated by Kamala Harris, who knows Biden will die in office and that she herself has very little affection among Democrats. She is therefore, per this theory, taking out the man most likely to challenge her in 2024.
That’s why the media is now reporting on this. Not because they’re honest, not because they’re brave.
But because a Democrat gave them their marching orders.

It makes sense. Everybody — and I mean, everybody — can see that Biden is approaching the last stages of helpless, drooling senility. If it’s this bad now, just weeks after inauguration, how much worse will it be this time next year? Can anyone imagine Biden standing in Congress next February to deliver his State of the Union address? He can’t even do a press conference now, and babbles incoherently anytime he’s in front of a microphone without a script. This means that Harris will almost certainly become president sooner rather than later, and Team Kamala realized Cuomo was a potential primary rival for 2024, so suddenly a bunch of women decided it was time to “come forward” even though Cuomo’s habitual lechery and bullying was never really a secret.

Everyone is supposed to pretend that the timing of this scandal was just a coincidence. Women did not “come forward” earlier because reasons.



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