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Tedious Royal Celebrities

Posted on | March 9, 2021 | Comments Off on Tedious Royal Celebrities

There is stupid, then there’s royal stupid, which is much more stupid than common stupidity. This afternoon, I spent several hours writing a couple of thousand words about that intensely stupid Oprah interview with Prince Harry and that dollar-discount Duchess of his.

It’s about racism. Why? Because it’s 2021 and everything is racism.

Excuse me if I’m fresh out of fucks to give about these people. Unless and until we get leaked nudes of Meghan, I’m done caring. Not that I actually ever cared, but now I can’t even pretend to care.

Meanwhile, however, BuzzFeed — which bought out HuffPo in some kind of deal a while back — has announced layoffs for 47 HuffPo staffers, and this gets an extra happy dance from Darren Beattie:

You’ll appreciate the rich learn-to-code irony here a bit better when I remind you that Darren Beattie was the White House speechwriter who lost his job because he was outed as having “alt-right” connections. So in describing the laid-off HuffPo staffers as “white supremacists,” he’s paying back a bill that’s long overdue. See, these progressive young journalists — they’re white. Like, so-white-they’re-translucent Miracle-Whip-on-Wonder-Bread white. Despite being honkies from Crackerville, however, they think being “woke” will make up for their lack of “diversity.” Guess what? You’re now just another unemployed college-educated white liberal, and nobody gives a damn about you.

Get a job at a solar-panel plant. Or learn to code.



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