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‘Level With the American People’: Tennessee Senator Slams Biden

Posted on | March 19, 2021 | Comments Off on ‘Level With the American People’: Tennessee Senator Slams Biden

Last year voters in Tennessee elected Sen. Bill Hagerty to kick ass and chew bubble gum — and he’s all out of bubble gum:

The Biden administration today is being urged to “level” with a nation growing anxious about the historic surge of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border and the danger that they pose by spreading COVID-19 and taking jobs just as the nation recovers from the pandemic.
“It is time to level with the American people regarding the nature of this crisis,” said Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty in a letter delivered to President Biden this morning . . .
“Your administration has demonstrated a complete lack of transparency regarding this crisis, including failing to provide adequate information concerning the migrants who are entering communities throughout the United States as a result of your policies and repeatedly refusing to even acknowledge that a crisis exists,” he wrote in the sharply worded letter. . . .
Since Biden took office with promises to dismantle former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and open the border, over 100,000 migrants have been apprehended, and estimates suggest that number could near 1 million this year.
Officials have said that many have COVID-19 but are being released into U.S. cities. The National Sheriffs’ Association said yesterday that up to 50% of the migrants are infected. . . .
“You criticize American state and local leaders for relaxing pandemic mandates on Americans to allow businesses to open and Americans to return to work, while simultaneously releasing unknown numbers of non-Americans — some of whom are currently COVID-positive — into American communities,” said Hagerty. . . .
“This is a crisis of your own making,” he wrote.

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are promoting a dual messages: First, that there is no “crisis” at the border, and second, that even if there is a crisis, it’s entirely Donald Trump’s fault.

Orange Man Bad, semper aeternum.



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