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The Murder of Mohammad Anwar

Posted on | March 28, 2021 | Comments Off on The Murder of Mohammad Anwar

The word “tragedy” is often used by the media to describe deaths that aren’t really tragic, but the murder of an Uber Eats driver in Washington, D.C., last week certainly deserves that description. Mohammad Anwar, 66, was a grandfather, a native of Pakistan whose family described him as “a hardworking immigrant who came to the U.S. in 2014 to build a better life for himself and his family.” His killers were subhuman scum:

An Uber Eats delivery driver, described by relatives as a hardworking Pakistani immigrant grandfather, was killed in a crash after officials said he was carjacked by two teenage girls in Washington, D.C.
The 13-year-old and 15-year-old, who have not been identified because they are minors, allegedly used a stun gun on the driver on Tuesday, causing him to crash his car, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.
When responders arrived at the scene, about a block from Nationals Park, they found the victim suffering from life-threatening injuries, police said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Mohammad Anwar, 66, of Springfield, Virginia, was identified by his family as the victim, NBC Washington reported. He was working for Uber Eats at the time of the assault, according to relatives and Uber.

The description of the fatal incident in this NBC News account doesn’t adequately explain the horror of what was captured on cellphone video by an eyewitness who started recording as Anwar was attempting to prevent the teenage girls from stealing the car. Anwar was at the driver’s side door of the vehicle, holding onto the wheel, when the carjackers sped off with him hanging out the side of the door. They swerved left, evidently trying to ram him into a lightpole, and then turned right around a corner. The vehicle disappears from sight in the video, then a loud crash is heard. The witness runs down the street and, when he turns the corner, we see the car toppled onto its left side, the two teenage carjackers scrambling out while Anwar’s apparently lifeless body lies on the sidewalk.

Question: Was this a “hate crime”? The two teenage criminals were black, and had no doubt carjacked many other victims before they committed this crime in broad daylight. Were they targeting their victims on a racial basis? There has been a nationwide spree of carjacking in America over the past year, and there is a discernible pattern to these crimes. Almost all the perpetrators are black, and the victims . . .

Well, maybe they’re chosen at random. But maybe not.

At any rate we know who is responsible for this crime wave:

The District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department created a task force [in February] to address a rise in carjackings and auto thefts. . . .
The D.C. department assigned a dedicated group of detectives who specialize in robberies and violent crimes to its new team. The District of Columbia has been hit hard by carjackers this past year. Police data shows that between March and mid-October 2020, carjackings and attempted carjackings rose to 193 from 89 during the same period in 2019 — a 117% increase.
In the past few months, those numbers have surged.
Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 21, 2020, there were 11 cases, according to police spokesperson Alaina Gertz. In that same period this year, there have been 71 — a 545% increase.

Did I mention that D.C. has strict gun-control laws? Isn’t it obvious why Democrats favor gun-control laws? They want to disarm law-abiding citizens, to make it safer for criminals to attack them.



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