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The Ultimate ‘Florida Woman’? It’s Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day

Posted on | April 15, 2021 | Comments Off on The Ultimate ‘Florida Woman’? It’s Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day

Most people have forgotten who Rebekah Jones is, assuming they had ever heard of her before, but the media celebrated Jones as a “whistleblower” last year when she claimed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was manipulating his state’s COVID-19 case numbers. Jones got fired from her job at the Florida state health department. In December, police raided her home with a search warrant (photo above) and in January, she was charged with gaining “unauthorized access to state Department of Health systems in November to send an unauthorized message to employees and to download a list of contact information for approximately 19,000 people.” None of that really interests me at all, but last week I learned that Jones has moved to Maryland, where she has sought a peace order against Christina Pushaw, who in February published a devastating 2,000-word exposé about Jones.

At 9 a.m. Friday morning, there will be a hearing in a Montgomery County district courtroom about that peace order, so we have declared today to be “Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day.”

My buddy John Hoge has been doing yeoman’s work on this story:

You can and should read all of those posts, which chronicle the many legal predicaments Jones has faced over the past few years. Perhaps the most important issue is whether Rebekah Jones is mentally stable. Some court documents I saw indicated that she has been prescribed medications for psychiatric problems and, while I have no professional credentials in the field of mental health, I have had a lot of experience dealing with crazy people. Certainly I suspect that Jones is deranged, demented, daft, wacky, bonkers, non compos mentis, off her rocker, nuttier than a Snickers bar and a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Evil Blogger Lady has an extensive round-up today highlighting some of the bizarre “Florida woman” escapades of Rebekah Jones.

Wait, did I forget to mention she might be crazy?

Rebekah Jones, 30, was charged in July 2019 with stalking a former boyfriend — long before the pandemic that catapulted her into headlines and television interviews. Police said she published a 68-page document online discussing private details of her relationship with her former boyfriend, including explicit texts and nude photographs, and shared the link with him.
The two had sex in a classroom in 2017 when Jones was his married professor at Florida State University, the man told police. She was fired from the university after threatening to give a failing grade to his roommate as revenge, he said. Jones said the two had a six-month affair until October 2017, and the man is the father of her daughter born in July 2018.

As I say, I have no professional credentials in the field, but I think most people would agree that’s crazy as hell. Would anyone be surprised if Jones leaves the courtroom Friday in a straitjacket?

Remember: “What distinguishes ‘whistleblowers’ from ‘disgruntled ex-employees’ is credibility, and here Jones has a problem.”

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