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Andrew Cuomo’s Weirdo Daughter

Posted on | July 7, 2021 | Comments Off on Andrew Cuomo’s Weirdo Daughter

“Demisexual” is one of those made-up words used in social-media profiles by young people with mental-health problems, who can now claim as their celebrity role model Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, who is the youngest of the three daughters of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy (the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy).

Ace of Spades summarizes “demisexuality”:

But this is the game: To make everyone LGBT, they invent “queer” labels for straight girls to call themselves.
Shaming straight people — boring, conventional, lame sexual normies — is so vicious, especially to status- and identity-obsessed young girls, that they scramble to find any “LGBT” category to assign themselves to to avoid the stigma of being a mere breeder.
As you can see from her “identity shopping” — notice she never struck upon the possibility that, like 98% of women, she was just a run-of-the-mill straight girl who liked boys.
That was not a possibility — she could never be just that.
She had to have a “sexuality” that made her a star, someone the representatives of the ruling class in her school and in the media counted as interesting, virtuous, and special. . . .
I’ve mentioned this before, but I know (of course) people with high-school age kids, and, with girls especially: They all feel massively pressured to “come out” as some shade of gay or transexual.
Girls are especially susceptible to peer and media pressure, and when everyone in the regular media and on social media is telling you that to be straight is to be a kind of low-class, low-IQ pervert, many, many straight girls are going to decide they’re some kind of bisexual.
Or a “demisexual.”

The “sexuality” promoters encourage impressionable young people to believe that their identity is entirely about their feelings, which of course are wildly confused under a bombardment of sexual stimuli from various media, including the crap they’re watching on TikTok or whatever.

In order for “sexuality” to have any real meaning, however, it can only be as a description of behavior. That is to say, whatever your feelings may be — and what can I possibly know about how someone else feels? — only your sexual behavior has any objective reality. Some of us are old enough to remember that the “gay rights” movement began as part of the “sexual liberation” of the 1960s, when there were actual laws against sodomy — not laws against anyone’s feelings, but rather against behaviors.

Once the demanded “rights” were ceded, however, the militant advocates of sodomy did not cease their demands, but instead went hunting around for new grievances, so that here we are in 2021 — when nobody is stopping Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo from doing whatever it is she wants to do — and she’s deeply confused about the whole “sexuality” thing.

Well, here’s a clue, Ms. Kennedy-Cuomo: When your grandmother Ethel Kennedy was your age, she’d already been married more than a year and had given birth to the first of her seven children. That’s the kind of “sexuality” Americans practiced back in the Good Old Days, when your grandfather was working as an aide to Sen. Joe McCarthy.

Make America Great Again, if you get my drift.



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