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Death at Chuck E. Cheese

Posted on | July 11, 2021 | Comments Off on Death at Chuck E. Cheese

Google “fight + Chuck E. Cheese” and look at the results:

Hair-pulling, screaming brawl
breaks out at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Miami Herald, Oct. 4, 2016

Women brawl in front of kids
party at Chuck E. Cheese’s

New York Post, Dec. 19, 2017

Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese sends
three adults, one child to hospital

WCPO-TV Cincinnati, April 28, 2019

Video of Sunday brawl at Beaumont
Chuck E. Cheese shared on social media

KBMT-TV, Beaumont, Texas, Jan. 20, 2020

Police release body camera video during fight
in Mayfield Heights Chuck E. Cheese

WJW-TV Cleveland, April 26, 2021

That is only a small sample of headlines from the past five years, and how weird is it that adults would be fighting at a pizza place best known as a location for little kids to celebrate their birthdays?

Who are these people? What kind of example are parents setting for their children, when they can’t even go to a birthday party without the occasion turning into an amateur UFC cage match? But it gets worse:

A Davenport woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday for fatally shooting another woman in a Chuck E. Cheese.
Treshonda M. Pollion, 25, was originally charged with first-degree murder, but in April she accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. The plea deal included a mandatory sentence of 10 years.
Pollion was arrested on Oct. 25 for shooting Eloise Chairs, 29, after the two women allegedly got into a fistfight sparked by an argument about a game card.
“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more senseless crime than this one,” Scott County Judge John Telleen said during the sentencing hearing. . . .
Davenport officers were dispatched around 7:38 p.m. Oct. 25 to Chuck E. Cheese, 903 E. Kimberly Road, where they found Chairs with a gunshot wound. Chairs was transported to Genesis Medical Center East, Davenport, where she was pronounced dead less than an hour later.
Investigators said a number of witnesses described an argument among Chairs and others at the restaurant, sparked by a game card.
After the initial argument ended, a second altercation started between Chairs, Pollion and a witness. A Chuck E. Cheese manager tried breaking up the fight when Pollion and Chairs allegedly exchanged punches.
A witness who first argued with Chairs said she saw Pollion with a gun in her hand and heard Chairs warn others Pollion had a gun. Investigators said a single shot was fired during another altercation between Chairs and Pollion.

This line about an argument “sparked by a card game” didn’t make sense to me, so I dug a bit deeper and found more details:

Chairs had become involved in an argument with a mother after her son’s card game was taken by another child, her family told WQAD.
The other mother’s friend — identified as Pollion — allegedly took out a gun and shot Chairs in the shoulder, hitting a major artery.

So a kid steals your kid’s deck of Uno cards or whatever, and next thing you know, it’s shootout time at Chuck E. Cheese? But wait a minute — why is mom packing heat at Chuck E. Cheese? While I am a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, what is going on in Davenport, Iowa, that a woman feels the need to be armed at a kid’s birthday party?

Perhaps I need to attend a seminar with Ibram X. Kendi or Robin DiAngelo so I can understand the “systemic racism” angle in all this.



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