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Biden Speech Signals Beginning of Media Effort to ‘Pivot’ Away Afghanistan

Posted on | August 31, 2021 | Comments Off on Biden Speech Signals Beginning of Media Effort to ‘Pivot’ Away Afghanistan

What comes next is predictable. The media will try to pretend that the catastrophe that just happened in Afghanistan was inevitable, that nothing Joe Biden did could have averted this disaster which (it will at least be heavily implied) was really Trump’s fault anyway. And anyone who says otherwise will be ignored, or treated as a disgruntled “partisan” who’s just trying to “play politics.” The main point, in the Democrat/Media Complex narrative, is that Afghanistan is over — it’s no longer a story worth mentioning — and anyone who does mention it will be accused of trying to “distract” from the really important thing, i.e., ramming the Left’s domestic agenda through Congress.

Will they get away with this “pivot”? I’d say that’s up to the Taliban. Because we’ve left behind at least 100 American civilians, and perhaps more than 500, all of whom are at risk of becoming hostages. So if the Taliban decides to play rough, this story won’t be over any time soon.

Anyway, here’s today’s news from Bonchie at Red State:

Joe Biden finally spoke today to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan. After showing up hours late for the originally scheduled event, something that has become a habit for this president, Biden took to the podium. What transpired was surprising and shocking at times.
He delivered a cold, blame-shifting speech in which he simultaneously claimed there was no disaster in Afghanistan while blaming others for the disaster in Afghanistan. Little of what he said made sense, and at the beginning of the speech, Biden yelled as he read the teleprompter in what can only be described as an incredibly odd scene.
The president also tried to claim victory, lauding his handling of the bungled withdrawal that ended up costing the lives of 13 US service members and countless Afghans (he also never mentioned the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice last Thursday). Yet, just minutes later, he changed his tune and blamed Donald Trump for supposedly tying his hands. The incoherence was both breathtaking and infuriating as he continued on, staring glassy-eyed at the teleprompter, desperately trying to insert emotion into his shrill, robotic voice.

The fact that the speech was inherently self-contradictory, and that Biden’s delivery was . . . uh, idiosyncratic, will not prevent the media from hailing it as the finest oration since Churchill.

Prediction: The Media Will Lap Up
Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Victory’ Speech
Like Dogs Returning to Their Vomit

That line about dogs returning to their vomit is from Proverbs 26:11, and perhaps also an allusion to Kipling’s once-famous poem. Some things are predictable. Never bet against The Gods of the Copybook Headings.



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