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Milwaukee Teen Killed by Racist System and High-Speed Head-On Collision, But …

Posted on | October 7, 2021 | Comments Off on Milwaukee Teen Killed by Racist System and High-Speed Head-On Collision, But …

. . . well, yeah, mainly it was the collision:

Dashcam video shows the crash that killed a 16-year-old and injured five other teens. It started with a police pursuit on Milwaukee’s northwest side, lasting around 6 minutes.
On June 15, when the crash happened, Milwaukee police said the pursuit ended before the deadly crash. Dashcam video reveals the time between the two was only a few seconds.
Officers first tried to pull over the silver Kia near Mariners Street and North 99th Street. Milwaukee police say the Kia was reported stolen the day before, and the pursuit began because of reckless driving, crossing into oncoming traffic about a minute and a half later on Good Hope Road – reaching speeds over 90. The video shows the Kia performing illegal U-turns multiple times.
The Kia again enters oncoming traffic on 76th Street. About 25 seconds later, the officers were told to cancel the pursuit.
The crash happened mere seconds later, just over 6 minutes after the chase started.
The 16-year-old driver of the Kia died that night at Children’s Wisconsin. He had two 12-year-old passengers who were seriously injured. There were three teens in the white Infiniti that was hit. . . .
An analysis of the Kia estimates the car was going over 100 miles per hour 5 seconds before the crash, slowing down to 65 miles on impact.


If you don’t have time to watch the whole seven-minute video now, you can click here to skip to the 6:08 mark where the teenage car thief makes the fatal decision to drive into oncoming traffic. Immediately after this deadly “accident” (a head-on collision isn’t really very accidental when you’re driving in the opposite lane at 100 mph) in June, local media produced the inevitable “Family Demands Answers” story:

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the 16-year-old boy who died in a horrific crash Tuesday night as Damantae Hambright. Five other young people were injured.
It happened just before 9 p.m. on North 76th Street, near Good Hope Road.
According to the Milwaukee Police Department, officers noticed a stolen Kia Sportage on Good Hope Road and attempted to pull it over. Rather than stopping, the 16-year-old driver, Damantae Hambright, took off. A police chase ensued.
Investigators say Hambright started driving the wrong way — into oncoming traffic — on 76th Street, ultimately crashing head-on into another car (an Infiniti M35).
The occupants of that car — two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old — all suffered life-threatening injuries, but are stable at Froedtert Hospital.
Two 12-year-old girls who were in the stolen car with Hambright sustained very serious injuries. . . .
Police say none of the occupants in the stolen vehicle were wearing seatbelts.
Hambright’s mother, Pairresh Bond, sent TMJ4 a statement that reads in part, “my only son was a 16-year-old black male in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who made the wrong decision, and who hasn’t at that age? He didn’t deserve to pay with his life. I feel terrible about the whole incident and send my prayers to all involved.”

Excuse me if this seems insensitive to a grieving parent, but are you out of your freaking mind, lady? What kind of bizarre madness has seized hold of people in Milwaukee that stealing a car and driving it 100 mph into oncoming traffic is spoken of as merely the kind of “wrong decision” that anyone might make at age 16? And what does this “wrong decision” have to do with him being a “black male in Milwaukee”? Is the mother of the deceased car thief telling us that people of African descent have some sort of genetic tendency toward grand theft auto and high-speed driving? Or is this just some localized custom, specific to Milwaukee? A coming-of age ritual? Jewish boys get a bar mitzvah, WASP girls do the cotillion, Mexican girls have a quinceañera, and black kids steal cars?

Damantae just “made the wrong decision” when he stole that car. Damantae just “made the wrong decision” when he was riding around on a Tuesday with two 12-year-girls in that stolen car. When Damantae got blue-lighted by the cops, he just “made the wrong decision” to take off at 100 mph, cross the median and go head-on into oncoming traffic.

And why? Because he was a “black male in Milwaukee,” his mom says, as if that explains everything, or as if maybe she expects Ben Crump to show up and make her son a heroic martyr like George Floyd.

As someone who has spent a 35-year career finding the right words to describe all kinds of situations, I confess utter failure here, because there are no words adequate to express such intense stupidity. This astonishingly stupid quote — Damantae “made the the wrong decision, and who hasn’t at that age?” — expresses a pattern of belief and behavior that we might call the Zero Consequences Syndrome.

If people are encouraged to believe that it is unfair for them to suffer negative consequences for harmful behavior, and if social institutions like schools, courts and the news media are all committed to such beliefs, harmful behavior will become commonplace. Many black people apparently now believe that it is wrong for any black person to be arrested or imprisoned for crime, because the justice system is “racist.” And so this belief leads to an increase of harmful behaviors that the criminal justice system is supposed to deter. Mayhem and destruction ensue and when, inevitably, people die as a result, you get quotes like this from idiots who are shocked — shocked! — that somebody has to suffer the consequences of bad behavior. The perpetrator of a serious crime (and auto theft is serious, to say nothing of attempting to elude police at 100 mph) is depicted as a victim, who “didn’t deserve to pay with his life.”

This is where the “social justice” mentality leads. By the logic of BLM, police are always wrong and criminal suspects are always innocent, so long as the suspect is black. No matter what the black suspect has done, police are never justified in attempting to arrest him, and the conclusion of this syllogism is that the black suspect has a “right” to resist arrest or, as in the case of Damantae Hambright, to flee from police at 100 mph in a stolen car, going head-on into oncoming traffic. And the car thief does not “deserve” the consequences of his own felonious behavior.

The stupid acorn never falls far from the stupid oak.



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