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When Democrats Say ‘Our Children’

Posted on | November 4, 2021 | Comments Off on When Democrats Say ‘Our Children’

Never trust a Democrat, especially when they start speaking in first-person plural pronouns, e.g., Joe Biden on Wednesday:

“Vaccinating our children will help us keep our schools open — keep our kids in the classroom, learning and socializing with their classmates and teachers. I think every reporter in this room who has a child understands the difference of a child going to school and having to learn from home. It matters. It matters in terms of their not just physical health, their mental health.”

Joe Biden does not care about your children. If it were up to him, your children would have been aborted before they were born — and this would have been paid for with “our” taxpayer dollars.

As for his kids, Hunter Biden never set foot in a public school. Joe Biden’s son attended Archmere Academy, then went to Georgetown University before getting his law degree at Yale. Joe Biden, who has been a full-time politician since 1971, made sure that his children were exempt from the policies he and his Democrat buddies impose on other people’s children.

Joe Biden hates you. He hates your children, too. Why? Beceause Joe Biden is a Democrat and Democrats hate America.

That’s why they are doing all they can to destroy our country.



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