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Killer Lesbians: Pennsylvania Couple Investigated in Homicide of Two Girls

Posted on | November 17, 2021 | Comments Off on Killer Lesbians: Pennsylvania Couple Investigated in Homicide of Two Girls

Don’t expect feminists to notice this case:

COGAN STATION, Pa. — The discovery of the bodies of two girls missing for years and buried in the backyard of a Pennsylvania home has led to the arrest of two women.
Authorities identified the bodies of 6-year-old Nicole Snyder and 4-year-old Jasmine Snyder on Monday. Authorities say the older girl was buried in 2016, and the younger one was buried in 2017.
The girls’ mother, 32-year-old Marie Snyder, and her partner Echo Butler, 26, have been charged with child endangerment and obstruction in Lycoming County, and authorities have opened a homicide investigation, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette reported.
The girls’ bodies were transported Monday to Erie for examination by a forensic anthropologist, officials said. Chief Chris Kriner of the Old Lycoming Township police department said an investigation continues “into the manner of death, motive and the timeline of events.”
The Children and Youth Services department earlier took custody of a son for care. In early September, the agency began investigating after reports of concerns about “educational issues” involving the 7-year-old son, Kriner said. Officials then learned that Marie Snyder had two other children who were unaccounted for and last month sought help from police, he said.
Authorities said the father of the girls reported last having seen them in 2015, the same year as their last contact with medical, court or other personnel. Robert Mausteller of the township police department said officials were allegedly told in September the girls were staying with a friend, but they never got a name.
Marie Snyder was arrested at her Clinton County workplace Nov. 4 and refused to provide information about the whereabouts of the missing girls, Kriner said. The property was searched several times over the next few days, and the remains were found over the weekend.
Kriner said he and the county district attorney consider it “a terrible, horrific situation” and vowed that their investigation will not conclude until “justice is brought on behalf of these two young girls.” He said other agencies including state police and the FBI assisted in the search.
Both women were ordered held without bail pending a Nov. 17 preliminary hearing.

They have not yet been charged with murder, but when you bury two bodies in your backyard, that’s pretty heavy circumstantial evidence. I mean, one body, you could perhaps come up with some plausible explanation, but two bodies? No, you’re not going to explain that away.

The father of the children, Joshua Snyder, 31, was prohibited from seeing them under a “Protection from Abuse” (PFA) order issued in 2015, after he was evicted from the mobile home where Snyder, Butler and Butler’s mother lived. Exactly what he knew about his ex-wife’s domestic situation is unclear, but this is definitely a strange case. You might suppose that, in such a case, there would have been some sort of follow-up to check on the well-being of the children, but it appears that in this quiet part of Pennsylvania (about 5 miles north of Williamsport) nobody paid much attention. Once you legally prevent the father from being involved, children are at the mercy of their mother — and, in this case, their mother’s lesbian girlfriend and the girlfriend’s mother.

You’re not allowed to voice concerns about such an arrangement. It’s practically a hate crime even to use the words “lesbian” and “homicide” in the same headline, unless of course a lesbian is the victim of homicide. These are the unwritten rules of modern journalism, which is all about “social justice” and “diversity,” so don’t expect CNN to notice that two lesbians are suspects in the homicide of two little girls. This is not a crime deserving of national attention, but strictly local news.



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