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Kenosha: Verdict Today? Or Never?

Posted on | November 18, 2021 | Comments Off on Kenosha: Verdict Today? Or Never?

My prediction of a hung jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is looking better after the jury failed to reach a verdict in their second day of deliberations. The jury asked the judge Wednesday to review surveillance drone video of the shooting incident, a request that might be interpreted several different ways. My theory, however, is that a majority of the jurors want to acquit Rittenhouse, but are deadlocked — probably 10-2 or 9-3 — because a few jurors are adamant that Rittenhouse can’t be allowed to get off scot-free. He must be found guilty of something, these holdouts believe, because how is it that a 17-year-old can just walk around with an AR-15 and shoot anybody who causes him trouble?

That’s my theory, anyway, and if I’m right, the reason they wanted to review the drone video was because, according to the prosecution, this video shows that Rittenhouse “provoked” the attacks against him by pointing his rifle at people. The defense denies this, and has moved for a mistrial because the prosecution gave them a low-quality “compressed” version of the video file, rather than the high-resolution version the prosecution showed the jury. While I doubt the judge will declare a mistrial over this issue, the defense is establishing the basis of an appeal, in case the jury returns a guilty verdict — which I think they won’t.

It’s either going to be an acquittal or a hung jury, as I see it, because the evidence so clearly shows Rittenhouse fired in self-defense in each of the three cases — killing the deranged criminal JoJo Rosenbaum, killing skateboard punk Anthony Huber, and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, who was pointing a Glock pistol at Rittenhouse. By the way, they have identified “Jump Kick Man,” the mystery figure who attacked Rittenhouse right before Huber got shot. “Jump Kick Man” is a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet. Rittenhouse fired two shots at him but unfortunately missed, and it was this incident that may have encouraged Huber’s subsequent attack on Rittenhouse. “Jump Kick Man” is reportedly behind bars now, because of a probation violation, but his involvement in the case indicates what I’ve said all along — these rioting mobs weren’t composed of “social justice” idealists, but rather criminal scum looking to engage in mayhem. Democrats, in other words.

So now everybody’s waiting for a verdict, and there may never be a verdict, because some holdout jurors are insisting that Rittenhouse be found guilty of something — anything — rather than be acquitted, and never mind the clear evidence of self-defense.

Dana Loesch spanked David French for his idiotic attack on “open carry” of firearms. I try to ignore French — it’s painful even to acknowledge his existence — but somebody had to school him, so thanks to Dana for doing this job. However, I will cede French’s point that most of Rittenhouse’s defenders would never do what Rittenhouse did, or want their kids to do it. Like, if one of my sons ever called me to ask, “Should I take my AR-15 to the riot?” I’d be like, “Hell, no! Have you lost your mind?”

But whether an activity is advisable is a different question than whether it’s legal, and there are a lot of things that are legal to do which I avoid and would also advise my children to avoid. So while I try to stay away from riots, and have never brandished a carbine at anyone, that doesn’t mean it should be illegal to brandish a carbine during a riot. And when we consider the result of Rittenhouse’s (arguably foolish) decision, it’s not as if it were entirely bad. At the very least, we should all be grateful that convicted child rapist JoJo Rosenbaum is dead.



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