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In The Mailbox: 11.22.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: The Trial & The Verdict That Didn’t Get National Media Attention
EBL: King Richard, also, Where Is Peng Shuai?
Twitchy: Jennifer Granholm Says The Quiet Parts Out Loud Trying To Explain “Energy Transition”, also, Winsome Sears Schools CNN’s Dana Bash On CRT Being Taught In Virginia Schools
Louder With Crowder: Kid Rock Drops New Single Guaranteed To Trigger Liberals & The Media, also, Watch Little Girl Use Karate To Stop Joe Biden From Touching Her
Vox Popoli: Inversion Is Not Cohesion, Flushing The Cucks, and Warning To Canadian Parents

Adam Piggott: Small Battles In Large Wars, also, The Watershed Moment For Rittenhouse
American Conservative: Woke is Whiteface, also, Don’t Be That Guy This Thanksgiving
American Greatness: The Right Outcome For Rittenhouse, But…, also, Suspect In Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack Identified
American Power: Ship Captain’s Dead Body Kept In Freezer For Six Months, also, Think Gas Prices Are Too High? In This Calif. County A Gallon Of Regular Is $6
American Thinker: Is The Air Force Academy Honor Code Dead? also, If The Vaccines Work – Why Aren’t They Working?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: How Fidel’s Revolution Put An End To Black Agency In Communist Cuba, also, TIME Magazine Blames U.S. For Suppressing Dissent & Blocking Internet In Cuba
BattleSwarm: The Battle of Cambrai 11/20/1917, More Rittenhouse Trial Fallout, and Pumping The Brakes On That “Natural Democrat Majority”
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Senate Democrats Try To Sneak $10 Billion Payoff To Blue Origin Into Military Budget, and Astra Successfully Completes First Orbital Launch
Cafe Hayek: Why Can’t These Officious Scoundrels Simply Leave Us Alone? also, Phil Magness Responds To Nancy McLean
CDR Salamander: The Fat Leonard Podcast – On Midrats, also, Some Damn Fool Thing In Ukraine
Da Tech Guy: What Didn’t Go Well In Virginia, also, Lots Of Illinoisans Are Crossing The Wisconsin State Line – Permanently
Don Surber: Masks & Vax Mandates Don’t Work, We Broke Woke, and Democrat Heroes Are Always Criminals
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, also, At What Point Do Purposeful Omissions Become Deliberate Lies?
Gates Of Vienna: Deja Vu All Over Again, Mutti Is Worried About The Migrant Crisis On The Polish Border, and Och, The Puir Wee Bosnian Bairns!
The Geller Report: Corrupt CNN Craps Their Culottes, also, U.S. Citizens Still Trapped In Afghanistan, Ignored By Administration
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Andromeda In IR, and Suggested Reading
Hollywood In Toto: Why The Hard Way Is Funny & Shockingly Relevant Today, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Avoids Wokeness & Scores Big Box Office, and Disney Stars Mourn Convicted Pedophile
The Lid: A Guide To Hanukkah For Gentiles & Secular Jews, also, Beto Sticks To His Guns But Apparently Not Yours
Legal Insurrection: U. Texas Plan To Teach CRT To 4-Year-Olds On Hold, Former NYT Reporter Says Paper Held Article On Kenosha Riots Until After 2020 Election, and Va. School Board Assn. Cuts Ties With NSBA After “Domestic Terrorist” Letter
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, The Augsburg Confession
Outkick: LeBron Responds To Enes Kanter But Doesn’t Address Red China, Quebec City & The NHL Bringing Back The Nordiques? and NBC’s Bizarre Thanksgiving Cost-Cutting Advice To Survive Bidenflation
Power Line: Get Woke, Empty The Pews, Russia Hoax Whitewash Era Begins, and Putin Unimpressed By Biden’s “Warnings” About Ukraine
Shark Tank: Fla. Democrat Jones Wants To Repeal “Stand Your Ground” Laws
Shot In The Dark: Rittenhouse – Good News, Bad News, Word Salad With A Side Of Crocodile Tears, and Pattern Recognition
The Political Hat: White Privilege Of Asians
This Ain’t Hell: Army Orders Commanders To Bar Unvaxxed From Re-enlistment, Another Three Are Known, and Will Beta O’Rourke Be The Next Governor Of Texas?
Victory Girls: Democrat Donkeys Don’t Care About Facts, also, Enes Kanter Backhands Red China Over Peng Shuai
Volokh Conspiracy: The Case For Compensating Victims Of Trump’s Child Separation Policy
Weasel Zippers: Bad Orange Woman Denies Staffing Shortages Due To Biden’s Jab Mandate Despite Public Outcry, also, Sean Parnell Stands Down Senate Campaign
The Federalist: ESPN’s Richard Jefferson Apologizes For False Rittenhouse Info, SNL – Liz Cheney Is The GOP’s Rachel Dolezal, and Rittenhouse Trial Proves Media Want Trial By Fury, Not Trial By Jury
Mark Steyn: Is That a Gun In Your Pocket? Barbara Stanwyck & Forty Guns, Just A Gigolo, and Christmas Carnage

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